Oh Hey There – or may be i can call you “Google Apps Promotion Code” seeker:)

So either you are starting up your small business OR the existing email system you are using is burning you ass every now and then, and then you heard of the remedy called “Google Apps”, yeah….. lets sign up.

but wait ………. what do you know about Google Apps for Work so far? may be its from Google, you get Gmail, google drive, docs, hangouts, sites, hmm..

well… if you know that much, congratulations, you know much better than uncle Trump, keep reading……

but when it comes to paying for google apps, you may not know that if you understand couple of things about how google apps license model works, and how does Google charge you, you can save very good amount of money you’ll be paying to Google every month.

So, now, am going to share some of the tricks which (if followed right) can help you save upto 45% on your Google Apps monthly bill……..


Lets get started then….. and if  you don’t want to share it with your competitors, thats ok with me.

1. Use Google Apps Promotion Code and save 20% Flat-:

A very few might know that Google provides a free discount coupon which they call “G Suite Promo Code” its a little alphanumeric code which can save you 20% on your first year billing of Google Apps for Work (upcoming tips will help you save every year, not just first year).

Though its not available for all the countries, but if you are in U.S, U.K, Canada, Australia and a few more countries, you are in Luck!

To see if Google is currently running a referral coupon promotion program in your country, I have added the full country list at the bottom of this page.

if you are in any of these countries, Congratulations, you are ready to start with 20% flat discount on your first year billing


Now… you even have a bigger question, how can i get my Google Apps Promotion Code?

I don’t want to be called stupid if i just tell you there is a heck called promotion code, but you need to go and figure out how you get it, so here is the trick

you can do a little google search and like your wife, google usually has all the answers and will give you a few websites to click to get your 20% token

or if you want instant things like me then wasting time on coupons websites in hit and try a few coupons before finding your gem, i can give one right away if you promise you are not a spammer or employed by Microsoft:).

couple of notes before we learn more tricks to save money on Google Apps-;

If you search on google to get your “Google Apps Promotion Code”, please do not try coupons websites like fyvor, promopro or hotdeals, they are not meant for google apps discount codes as google does not allow to put these codes online, you need to request to get one, but if you still love these website, go ahead now and come back here after wasting a few minutes.

Last year Google changed branding for its email and collaboration suite from “Google Apps for Business” TO “Google Apps for Work”, so don’t get confused if you find or hear these, they are a same thing, similarly in your Google Apps admin console, at the billing / checkout page you’ll see a box to apply your code which says “Google Apps Promotion Code”, but when you search on google you’ll find people asking for “Google Apps Promo Code”, but promotion and promo are again same thing.

now lets carry on our journey to save even more on your Google Apps for work subscription and talk about couple of more tricks.

2. Multiple businesses NOT multiple google apps licenses

I have seen so MANY (there is a reason why i capitalized many) businesses signing up for Google apps licenses which they do NOT need, and for you to avoid this mistake, you need to first understand how apps licenses work (don’t worry, i’ll make it so easy for you), so here you go-:

(i) License = every mailbox in which you can login (so easy to understand, just like women, right)

So if you and I both starting a business and we don’t want to share our emails with each other, we will need separate mailboxes with our own email id and password to login and use Gmail for business.

However, in case if you are the only person doing business and need different email ids such as goldy@ goldy.arora@ gold@ etc but behind these email ids you are a same person, then you should be ok to have just one mailbox license and have rest of the gmail ids as your nick name.

So instead of buying an additional licenses for these email ids, you can use nick name and save money, here is how you can create nick names (or alias email ids) in Google Apps.

(ii) User Vs Group -: Groups are like those little hidden gem in Google Apps for Work system which very few (know) or use it right to save money, after understanding it well, some small businesses can save even more than 50% on their  Gmail for business monthly bill.

— so here is the thing, For each User, you pay to Google BUT creating Groups are absolutely free (you can either trust me on this OR fly with Malaysian airlines, upto you)

2. You can send and receive emails from Google Group, yeah, we’ll talk about it now..

3. So now if you were thinking of giving your small business a big image by creating multiple email ids such as

sales at yourdomain.com

info at yourdomain.com

support at yourdomain.com

You can do that with Groups instead of buying more users.

So here is how you will use the Groups to save money-:

(i) You will create a group called sales at yourdomain.com OR info at yourdomain.com (any email on your domain)

(ii) Put yourself as a member to this newly created Google Apps Group, so you can receive emails sent to this group (you can also add multiple users if required)

(iii) Now, the last step, setup a way to send emails from this group id without leaving your mailbox, here is my tutorial for this.

Result -: You now have an email id on which you can receive emails, and can also send from it.

if you have enjoyed so far, listen…. am not done yet,

when you are just starting up, paying an extra $50/license and that recurring, should be the last thing you want to do,  so lets see more  tricks to save money on your google apps.

don’t worry much about google, they make enough!

Domain Alias & Secondary Domain-:

now this one can save you lot of money and time, its a bit technical but if you are born after 1975 you would get it in first shot!

1. Its not unusual for people to have 2 names, one real/legal name, and one nick name, if you have watched Baywatch in those young days, you can say Pamela is real/legal name, and Pam is a nick name.

2. Though people can call you by your nick name, but when it comes to signing legal documents, it has to be your real name.

3. Now lets talk about Google Apps, and understand how it works here…
lets take a use case, let say you have two separate businesses, both these businesses have their own domain names (domainA.com and domainB.com), and you have 2 employees working for you (along with yourself) and you all three take care of these 2 businesses.

But, you want to communicate with your clients based on which business of yours they deal with

so ideally, how many email ids will you need?

you got the trump with you, if you said 6  (3 employees, one email id each, for 2 businesses = 3*1*2)

Now let see how you can take advantage of domain aliases and secondary domains in this case-:

(i). You first register domainA.com with google apps as your primary domain (if are new, here is registration tutorial)

(ii). Buy and create 3 users on your domainA.com for your 3 employees

(iii). Now add your domainB.com in Google Apps admin console as domain alias

Result -: Now google knows, that domain alias = nick name, not a real entity/mailbox

because domainA has a nick name called DomainB, every user you create on domainA.com will automatically get one more email id which will be their sameusername at domainb.com

if anybody sends an email to these 3 users on their domainB.com email id, they will get it in their domainA.com mailbox (remember, nicknames don’t have mailboxes they are just a way to get emails on your other email id)

(iv). Now you can setup in a way, that when you are in domainA mailbox, you should be able to send as if you are sending from domainB.com email id.

but what happens when someone (by mistake) mistype your email address…….

well, by default google will send a bounce email to the sender saying “this email does not exist”, and i guess you don’t want it to happen to avoid those genuine senders……. so what should you do???

You should (for sure) create something called a “Catch All” account, what it does is, if someone does a typo and send you email at your wrong email address, till the time they put the correct domain name (which is the part that comes after @ in your email id), then you will get that email in your mailbox instead of it bouncing back to sender.

here is a video and step by step tutorial for you to configure it very easily in couple of minutes.

How to create Google Apps Catch All Account


If you are a small business, following above steps you should be able to save some money, and if you have any feedback, suggestion or question, don’t hesitate to let me know via comment.

if you are not a part of the countries where google is running promotion program OR if you are existing google apps (paying) customer and trying to save some money on Google Apps.

Let me know, I work with MediaAgility, a Princeton NJ based Google Apps Reseller, and would love to share my learnings for your business benefit.

Goldy Arora

Google Apps Certified Consultant