recover deleted emails in gmail

Complete Guide to restore deleted Gmail emails

There might be scenarios where you would need to recover your deleted emails, may be because you deleted them by mistake, or you never thought you would need them back.

but….. now….. you might be asking, “Are deleted Gmail emails recoverable“?

The answer here really “depends” on whether you are using consumer Gmail ( account OR G Suite account, are you a regular user OR G Suite Admin, which G Suite plan you have subscribed to………

Let us see all these scenarios in details, and how they impact our ability to recover our deleted Gmail emails.

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Google Sheet Subscription Tracker

Track Subscriptions with Google Sheet

We all subscribe to different products and services, and it is not unusual to forget to either renew the subscription we want to keep, or auto-renew the one we don’t want to renew.

There are subscription tracking applications in market, but I rather decided to build my own simply with Google Sheet.

I thought to share it with the community, feel free to look at this tutorial, and use it to track your subscriptions for free.

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Google Meet Attendance Tracker

Google Meet Attendance Reporter

If you use G Suite (or G Suite Essentials), you might be leveraging Google Meet to organize your video meetings (and live streaming if you are on G Suite Enterprise plan).

If your meeting had more than a few attendees, you might want to know who attended your Google Meeting (or live steam) and for how long.

Though Google Meet records attendance but this information is provided in Google Admin Console, and one needs G Suite Admin access to see it, which is not scalable as you don’t want to give G Suite admin access to all your users.

So I thought to create a self service solution where your G Suite users (without admin access) can simply fill up a Google Form, and instantly get their Google Meet attendance report.

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Definitive Guide to G Suite Essentials

The Definitive Guide to G Suite Essentials

Google recently launched G Suite Essentials which can help your team and/or organization to be more productive working seamlessly with your existing email and calendar system.

However, you would have lots of questions about it to understand what is G Suite Essentials, how is it different than G Suite, how much would it cost, how do I set it up etc.

I have invested sometime learning about it, Let me share everything I learnt, and hopefully it would help you make an informed decision.

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Bulk Delete Gmail Emails

Complete guide to bulk delete Gmail emails

Gmail offers lot of storage to hold thousands of emails, but you might still need to delete them to have a clean mailbox and to better save your storage for the emails that matter.

In this detailed blog post, you would find multiple ways to search and delete Gmail emails (in bulk) that are no more important to you.

Also, if you deleted some of your emails by mistake, and now need to recover them, you would find all possible options in this post.

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