Ok Goldy - Google sheet add-on Installation

What is Ok Goldy ?

Ok Goldy is a Google sheet add-on for :

  1. Creating, Updating, Suspending, Deleting and Exporting G Suite Users in bulk.
  2. Creating, Deleting, Exporting G Suite Groups.
  3. More info on how to install the add-on ? Check my tutorials by clicking here

01. Open your Google Sheet

Installing Ok Goldy Google Sheet add-on is pretty simple.

Navigate to Add-ons section in the menu bar and click Get Add-ons.

02. Get add-ons section

Once you entered the Get add-ons section navigate to the Search bar.

In the Search bar type “Ok Goldy”.

03. Installing the add-on

After searching for “Ok Goldy”, you will see the add-on.

This is a free add-on, so to install it click on the “FREE” button.

04. Grant the permissions

This tool is interacting with the G Suite Directory API in order to manage Users, Membership and other things so it needs to be granted permissions to work.

Google will ask for permissions, click “ALLOW” to grant them and install the tool.


05. Starting with the Ok Goldy tool

We will start using the tool with the Setup Wizard which has 2 options, one is Setup Sheets and the other one is Delete All Sheets.

The Setup Sheets option will create bunch of sheets, each sheet helping us perform specific function

06. Using the Sheets

After the Sheets are created you will see that every sheet has the formatted order done.

To create a User you fill up the table with the : First Name, Last Name, Primary Email, Org Unit, Password and in all the Sheets you don’t have to put anything in the Status Column

Status Column is filled automatically by the add-on itself.

07. Clearing the Sheets

If you have been using the add-on for some time and you have your sheets built up, and you want to clear some things out, you need to go to :

Add-ons, Ok Goldy, Setup Wizard, and use the Delete All Sheets option.

This option will clear all the sheets and will leave you on one Sample Sheet Left.

08. Setup Sheets option

You only need to use the Setup Sheets option once.

Once the Sheets are setup you don’t need to do that activity again.

09. Troubleshooting the problems

If you have any errors while installing the add-on usually it’s because your G-Suite admin has not given you permissions to install the add-on