In this article, you will learn “How to register your domain with Google Apps” and start using Google Apps messaging and collaboration services, this article covers-:

  • Step by Step instructions to register your domain with Google Apps
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Step 1 -> Go to Google Enterprise Site by typing in your browser

Go to and click on “Get Started” button as shown in the screen shot above

Step 2 -> Fill in the Required Details

  • You need to provide all required details on this Google Apps Sign up page
  • Please make sure to provide your alternate email address under “Current Email Address” box, as this will be used for reset admin passoword if/when required, and also to send account information from Google
  • Once you are done, click on NEXT button

Step 3 -> Choose your domain name

  • If you already have a domain, then click on “Use a domain I have already purchased
  • However, if you don’t have domain and need to buy one, then you can click “Buy a New domain now
  • TIP-> I will recommend you to buy your domain here, as Google will sriaght away charge you $10, no matters which domain extension you go for, for e.g if you need to buy Google will charge you $10 however you can get .info extensions around $1 in market (at least for the first year), I would recommend you to buy it from Godaddy as it also allows to create all type of DNS records
  • Once you have the domain name, put it here and click on NEXT button

Step 4 -> Creating your first user (this will automatically becomes super admin user)

  1. Create your first user here, please note this user will automatically become “Super Administrator” of Google Apps and will be able to perform all administrative actions on your domain.
  2. Create a password, though you change your password anytime, however its recommended to make it a strong one, Google accepts passwords of minimum 8 characters, maximum characters can be upto 100
  3. Put the captcha to prove you are human:)
  4. It is recommended for you to invest some time in understanding terms and conditions of Google, you may also enable the checkbox if you wish to get updates about Google Apps, I would strongly recommend that to be updated with latest development in Google Apps
  5. Once you are done with above steps, click on the button “Accept and Signup”

Step 5 -> Go to Google Apps control panel

  • Google has sent information about your account at your alternate email address which you provided in step 1
  • Click on the “Go to Control Panel” button to land at Google Apps Control Panel

Congratulations, you have registered your domain with Google, you now need to verify it

  • Congratulations, you are now landed at Google Apps Control Panel of your domain and have successfully registered your domain with Google Apps
  • You now need to verify your Domain Ownership to Google, you may visit the next step by step tutorial below to verify your domain ownership to Googleand start using Google Apps services

Next Tutorial –> Verifying Your Domain Ownership to Google