Gmail Label Manager - Create, Delete & Export Gmail Labels in Bulk

  • Gmail Label Manager is a free Google sheet add-on which can help you manage your labels in bulk.
  • It supports exporting, creating and deleting labels in bulk for any of your use cases.
  • It works with both Gmail and G Suite (you should have permissions to install sheet add-ons).
Manage Gmail Labels in Bulk right from Google sheets
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Use Case Scenerio

  • In my case I was migrating my client to G Suite but after the migration, the users had weird labels.
  • So, I had to write a script to take care of this mess. I therefore decided to publish this as a Google sheet addon and help those with a similar kind of use case.

1. Installing addon

  • So, the first step is to install this Google sheet addon.
  • To install, first click on "Add-ons" then click on "Get add-ons" from the dropdown.

2. Search for "Labels Manager"

  • Search for "Label manager" addon. You should see "Labels Manager for Gmail" from the search results.
  • To begin installing the add-on, click on the blue "Free" button then follow the next step.

3. Authorize the add-on

  • Because the add-on requires some permissions from your Google account, Google is going to ask to choose which account to use.
  • (1) You can choose from one of your already signed in Google accounts or (2) you can choose to use another account.

4. Allow Permissions

  • The add-on requires some permission such viewing and managing your spreadsheets in Google Drive.
  • You'll now click "Allow" button so as to allow the add-on to perform the above actions.

5. Setup Label Wizard

  • Once the add-on is installed, you should now be able to use it by going to "Add-ons" then "Labels Manage for Gmail".
  • Let the add-on create some sheets for you by click on "Setup Label Wizard" as you can see from screenshot.

6. Auto-Created Sheets

  • From the previous action, the wizard will create 2 new sheets that is; Create label, Delete labels and Export labels.
  • You can do the actions such as exporting labels in these respective sheets.

7. Create labels

  • To create labels, first switch to "Create Labels" sheet. Then add your labels to the "Label Name" column.
  • After adding your labels to the sheet, now go to "Add-ons" then "Labels Manager for Gmail" then click on "Create Labels"

8. Labels Successfully Created

  • After running the "Create Label" action from the previous step. The "Status" column on the sheet will be updated with whether or not the label was created successfully.
  • When you check your Gmail account you should be able to see the created labels.

9. Creating Nested labels

  • To create a label under another label aka nested labels, you simple put a forward slash before a child label. i.e "Parent Label/Child Label".
  • Now when you run the "Create Label" option from the add-on, the script will create the nested label under it's parent label.

10. Export labels

  • Now to export labels, first switch to "Export Labels" sheet.
  • Click on "Add-ons" option, then "Labels Manager for Gmail", then click on "Get All Labels".

11. Gmail Labels Exported

  • Once the above process runs smothly, you should be able to see all your Gmail labels exported.
  • Labels that are nested will appear as "Parent Label/Child Label" format.

12. Deleting labels

  • To delete labels, first switch to the "Delete Labels" sheet.
  • Then populate the "Label Name" column of the sheet with the names of the labels you'd like to delete.
  • Go to "Add-ons" then under "Labels Manger for Gmail" click on "Delete all Labels" option.

13. Labels successfully Delated

  • Once the script runs, your labels should be deleted once you see the "Labels deleted succesfully" message.
  • Once you check your Gmail, these labels should not be there anymore as the script has already deleted them.

That's it all!

  • That is all! You should be able to easily create, export and delete your Gmail labels in bulk with this add-on.
  • Let me know how you find this add-on by leaving your comments below and I will be happy to help.
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