• In the previous tutorial we set up SPF Record to differentiate genuine emails from spam emails.
  • In this part of Google Workspace Setup guide, I will show you how to set up another security measure called DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail).
  • Watch a video guide or continue reading to learn how you can correctly setup Google Workspace DKIM with your domain.
Setup Google Workspace DKIM
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DKIM Overview

  • Using a simple analogy of a bank, let me try to help you understand how DKIM basically works.
  • When you send someone with a check, a bank verifies your signature with what they have stored in their database.
  • If the signature doesn't match, it's considered forgery. More or less, DKIM works in a similar fashion.

1. Login to Google Workspace console.

  • To do that, from you Gmail inbox, click on the dotted square icon on the right, then click on 'Admin'.

1. Login to Godaddy

  • In this guide, I show you how to setup DKIM using Godaddy but this is a similar procedure with a different domain provider.
  • On Godaddy, login then go to "My Products" page then under domain click on "DNS"

3. Search 'DKIM' from Google Workspace Console

  • Next, go back to your Google Workspace admin console and search for 'DKIM'.
  • From the search results, click on 'Authenticate email'.

4 Click on 'Authenticate email'

  • From step 3 above, you'll land on a similar page in the screenshot.
  • Click on "Authenticate email" link from list

5. Generate new record (Part 1)

  • To generate a new record, firstly choose a domain you want to generate a new record for. That's if you have more than one.
  • Next, click on "Generate new record" link then continue.

6. Generate new record (Part 2)

  • From above step, you will see similar form like one in the screenshot.
  • In the first part, you select DKIM length. I recommend you choose 2048 value because the longer the key the more secure it. Unless advised by your registrar.
  • In part two, you can type a text for your reference. You may leave it as it is. Then click on "Generate" link.

7. Copy generated record

  • This screen shows that you've successfully generated a new record value which you'll use in our coming steps.
  • You'll copy and use these values in our next steps.

8. Create TXT record in Godaddy

  • Now go back to your registrar, Godaddy in this case and create a new TXT record.
  • To create a new TXT Record in Godaddy, click on the "ADD" button from DNS page.

9. Paste in Record values

  • From previous step you see a similar form. First choose "TXT" in field (1) as record type.
  • In field (2) copy and paste host value from our step 7 above.
  • Field (3) of the form is where you paste TXT value you generated in step 7 of this tutorial. Then click "Save".

10. Click "Start Authentication"

  • Lastly, you will let Google Workspace authenticate the record you just added. You do that by clicking on "Start authentication".
  • However, you may have to wait for some time and try again if the first attempt fails. In my experience it takes less than 30 minutes.

Successful Authentication

  • On a successful authentication, Google Workspace will give you a green notification like one in the screenshot.
  • This means that your DKIM record has successfully been set up and your emails will now be super secure.
  • That is it, for comments and questions, leave them in comment section below and I'll be happy to help.
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