Issue and Solution-:


  • When you try to access Gmail, you get an error “Gmail has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain”


  • You usually get this error, when your domain administrator has not enabled Gmail service from the Google Apps Control Panel
  • If you are a user facing this issue, you can pass this article’s link to your Google Apps Administrator
  • If you are a Google Apps administrator for your domain, you can follow the instructions below to solve this issue

This error would look like as following screenshot

Solution Step 1 -> Login to your Google Apps Control Panel

  • Login to your Google Apps Control Panel (Instructions HERE)

Step 2 -> Navigate and click on “Google Apps

  • Once you are in your Google Apps control panel, click on “Google Apps” as shown in the screenshot below

Step 3 -: Enable Gmail on the impacted organizational unit as shown in the screenshot below

As shown in the screenshot below-:

  1. Click on the “Filter” icon to to see the organizational units at left
  2. Select the organizational unit where impacted user resides who is facing the issue (if you only have parent or root organizational unit, select it
  3. Click on the “GMAIL” service checkbox to select it
  4. At top left, click on the icon which says “Turn On Services” to enable Gmail


Congratulations, you have now enabled Gmail service on the impacted user’s organization, now ask your user to go back and login

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