G Suite Promotion Program Overview

It is a referral program started by search giant in March 2014 making it easy for businesses to start using Gmail for business with 20% discount.

Each code is unique based on the country, and you should get one for the country you are signing up from to make it work.

It gives you 20% discount on your first year’s bill, so if you sign up for monthly plan, instead of paying $5/user/month, you will be paying $4/user/month for first 12 months.

Step 1 - Login to G Suite Admin Console

To apply your G Suite Promo Code, Login to your Google Apps Admin console by visiting admin.google.com and login in with your administrator credentials.

There are 3 possible ways to login to your Admin console, if you aren’t sure, watch the video for instructions.

Step 2 - Go to Billing Section

Now after login to Admin console, go to billing section by either clicking on the “Setup Billing” button on the dashboard of your G Suite Control Panel or by click on the big Billing icon

Look at the screenshot for reference

Go to G Suite billing section
Select your G Suite payment plan

Step 3 - Select Your Payment Plan

You will find Flexible and Annual plan, choose the one you want to go with, promotion cod will work with both the payment options.

Note-: Google only offers 20% discount on G Suite Basic Plan, if you signing up for G Suite Business Plan, consider this

Step 4 - Enter Your Promo Code

Click on the “Promotion Code” link and enter your promo code.

If it says, “The promotion code you entered is not valid for the selected product” that means you are signing up for G Suite Business Plan for which Google does not provide discount coupon

Enter your G Suite Promo Code

Step 5 - Confirm It Has Been Applied

Your Promo Code has been applied.

If you now see a screen like the one showed in the screenshot, it confirms that Google has accepted your promotion code and you will see 20% savings on your monthly invoices for next 12 months:)

Frequently Asked Question about G Suite Promo Code.

You only need to apply one code for your account, number of users or domains are irrelevant here.
You will get 20% discount on your total billing for the first year, be it one user or hundred.
however, there are couple of other ways to save on top of this 20% as mentioned in detailed post on G Suite Promo Code
Yes, every code has an expiry date, so make sure you ask your referral partner to send you code for current month, else you will get an error like “this promotion code has been expired”
You may fill up for the form below and if you want me to send you one for current month

No, at this time, it can be applied to G Suite basic plan which is $5 per user per month (or $50 per user per year if you are signing up for annual plan)Google does not provide it for for unlimited plan (which is $10 per user per month (of $120 per user per year if you are signing up for annual plan).When you apply it to Unlimited SKU, you will get an error saying “The promotion code you entered is not valid for the selected product.”

However, if you are signing up for unlimited plan there are couple of ways to save money on it by understanding and using licensing in smart ways, such as couple of them which i wrote about here -: 3 little known ways to save money on your google apps subscription you should especially look for 2nd and 3rd tip.

Its not recommended, as per referral program terms and conditions, it is violation if one puts codes on public coupon sites like retailmenot.com, fyvor.com, promopro.com, hotdeals.com, groupon.com, or any other website, you get the idea.

You surely can, this new program is available in Australia too, you can find a referral partner and request coupon, or fill up the form below and I will be happy to help you with one for Australia…. just don’t expect the beer within the email:)

No, google offers it to referral partners to offer to businesses like yours who are looking to start easy with Apps, nobody is allowed to sell these discount vouchers, and you should strictly not encourage someone selling these.

No, these are country based, if you have one for United States, it will only work if you are signing up from U.S, not in any other country, if you are a business in Canada, you’ll need one for Canada.

No, this referral program is only available for new customers, if you are already a paid customer, you may read about couple of tricks below which will help you still save some.

Littke known secret ways to save money with Google Apps

In the checkout section, you will a promotion code box with a question mark icon, when you click on question mark, it will say something like

You might have received a unique promotion code directly or from select partners to help you get started with G Suite. If so, please enter your promotion code here.

If you see this, you can apply the promotion coupon and save.

  1. You should apply right after getting as it has an expiry date attached to it
  2. You can still cancel your 30 days trial if you don’t find it adding value to your business
  3. Applying the promotion code will not impact your 30  days trial, you will still have the same trial period

Ok, I understand, now how can I get one and save?

below is a list of countries where this program is available and can save you 20%.

Country NameCoupon Availability by Google
Ireland (Republic)Available
New ZealandAvailable
United KingdomAvailable
United StatesAvailable

but what if you are signing up from country other than above ones? well… there are couple of more ways to save on your Gmail for business subscription, read them here Little known secret ways to save money with Google Apps