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G Suite to Office 365 SSO & Provisioning Guide

Google to Office 365 SSO and Provisioning

There might be use cases where you would like your Office 365 users to authenticate via their G Suite or Google Cloud Identity accounts.

Google Cloud Identity is very flexible and it can be used as “Service Provider”, Identity provider or even both.

In this blog post, I would show you how you can use Google Cloud Identity (or G Suite) as identity provider and authenticate securely to Office 365 via SAML 2.0 (or WS-Fed).

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G Suite Unassign License Script

Auto Unassign G Suite License from your users

In this video, I will show you how to unassign G Suite licenses from your users automatically.

Someone asked me how to unassign G Suite license from users who are suspended, so I wrote this script to show how it can be done automatically, watch the video and copy the script now.

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Okta - Google - Integration - Guide

Definitive Guide to Okta & Google Integration

I used to work with Otka, and I must say, amazing people, great product, and very 💪💪 fit management:)

I also got an opportunity to implement Okta and G Suite for some enterprises, some went pretty smooth, and some had a few learning lessons.

I thought to share my experience via this detailed blog post to help community seamlessly integrate Okta with Google (G Suite and/or Google Cloud Platform)

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I hope these posts would be helpful if you use G Suite,  do not hesitate to reach out if you have any question regarding G Suite.

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