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Okta - Google - Integration - Guide

Definitive Guide to Okta & Google Integration

I used to work with Otka, and I must say, amazing people, great product, and very 💪💪 fit management:)

I also got an opportunity to implement Okta and G Suite for some enterprises, some went pretty smooth, and some had a few learning lessons.

I thought to share my experience via this detailed blog post to help community seamlessly integrate Okta with Google (G Suite and/or Google Cloud Platform)

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Definitive Guide to Google Conflicting Accounts

In this post, I would help you easily understand Google Conflicting Accounts, what are they, how do they get created, their impact, and some advance use cases which you should be careful when dealing with conflicting accounts.

You would learn how to deal with existing conflicting accounts, along with a system that I have developed to restrict Google Consumer account creation on your domain.

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Password-Vaulted-Apps-Service-in-G Suite-and-Google-Cloud-Identity

G Suite Password Vaulted Apps

Do you want to make it easy for your users to access the applications they use on daily basis, without a need to remember passwords?

Meet Password Vaulted Apps service in G Suite (and Cloud Identity) which helps you provide seamless one click access to 100s to cloud based applications.

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Hey There, My name is Goldy Arora, I live in Princeton, NJ with my two kids (Aaditya and Sarah) and an expensive wife:).

Thank you for visiting my website. I am passionate about G Suite (really:) and love helping businesses get most out of their investment in G Suite. 

I hope these posts would be helpful if you use G Suite,  do not hesitate to reach out if you have any question regarding G Suite.

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