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G Suite OAuth Token Audit

G Suite OAuth Token Audit

Your G Suite users might have installed 3rd party data (Shadow IT), some of them can be harmful too.

As a G Suite Admin, you should know which 3rd party applications are accessing your data, so you can decide which ones to keep (and which ones to remove).

I have created a script which you can copy and use, let me show you the instructions in this video.

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Gmail Read Receipt

Wondering if that important email you sent was seen by your recipient? Believe me, we both hate uncertainty.

The good news is you can let Gmail ask your recipient to send a receipt notification to you when they open your email. Let me show you how….

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How to create more than 30 email aliases in G Suite

How to create more than 30 email aliases in G Suite

One of my fellow G Suite Admins had this use case where he wanted to create 1200 email aliases for one G Suite user, however Google has a limit of 30 per user.

Let me show this cool trick which will help you create almost unlimited number of email aliases for any G Suite user.

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Hey There, My name is Goldy Arora, I live in Princeton, NJ with my two kids (Aaditya and Sarah) and an expensive wife:).

Thank you for visiting my website. I am passionate about G Suite (really:) and love helping businesses get most out of their investment in G Suite. 

I hope these posts would be helpful if you use G Suite,  do not hesitate to reach out if you have any question regarding G Suite.

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