• In this lesson, you will see how you can search, restore and/or export emails of your users from Google Postini Message Discovery/Archiving console
  • Google Postini Message Archiving is a paid service on top of Google Apps for business which is priced at USD 13/user/year for one year archiving, and USD 33/user/year for 10 year archiving, however if you are an education edition client of Google Apps, then you may qualify for 66% discount on this price
  • For anymore information, feedback or query, feel free to write me at support@gappsfix.com  

Login to Google Postini

  1. Go to login.postini.com
  2. Enter your administrator credentials
  3. Now you will get two options (a) System Administration and (b) Message Center
  4. Click on System Administration which will lead you to Google Postini Administration Console
  • Navigating to Google Postini Message Archiving Console

    • You will lot of options after landing to Google Postini Administration Console, but for our purpose of searching for our user’s email (and/or exporting them), we will click on “Message Archiving” link as shown in the screenshot above
  • Searching and exporting your user/s messages

    • As you are now on Google Postini Message Archiving console, you can search for your users archived message
    • You have flexibility of searching emails on the basis of date range, keywords, subject, mail flow, attachments etc
    • After searching for your users messages, you can also export them by clicking on the “Export Messages” link as shown in the screen
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