Easily Insert Checkboxes in Google Sheets

Easily Insert Checkboxes in Google Sheets

  • Have you ever wanted to create a task list using Google Sheets?
  • Now with Google sheets you can use checkboxes to do things like checklists or even more interesting things as you'll see in this video.
  • Read on for instructions or watch the video to follow along.

1. Go to Google Sheets

  • Go to Google Sheets. If you're already logged in, you can access this by clicking on the Google apps icon on the top-right of the page, then clicking on "Sheets".
go to google sheet

2. Create a new sheet

  • Once you're on Google Sheets, you'll want to create a new sheet. Click on the plus icon to create a new spreadsheet.
  • You can skip this step if you're modifying an existing sheet.
Create a new sheet

3. Select the cells to add checkboxes

  • Select cells you'd want to add the checkboxes. You select by highlighting and dragging down or up a column.
  • You can also select an entire column by clicking on the column's letter such as "B".
select cells to add checkboxes - Google sheet checkboxes

4. Go to 'Data Validation'

  • After highlighting an area to add the checkboxes to, click on "Data" then click on "Data validation" option.
  • This will led you the next screen (see next step).
Go to Data-validation - Google sheet checkboxes

5. Select Checkbox

  • From the previous step, you will be presented with different options for setting up a data validation.
  • So, under "Criteria", click and choose "Checkbox".
Checkbox data validation criteria

6. Data Validation Setup

  • (1) From the previous step, you should now have "Checkbox" set as a criteria.
  • (2) This option lets you choose whether or not to reject any other input that's not a checkbox.
  • (3) You can also choose whether or not you want to display help text as well as modifying the text.
  • Click "Save" button to finish setup.
data validation setup - Google sheet checkboxes

7. Ready to use checkboxes

  • Once the above setup is complete. You should now be able to check and uncheck the checkboxes.
  • As you can see, you now have checkboxes ready for use.
Checkboxes created - Google sheet checkboxes

That's it!

  • You should now be able to quickly whoop-up todo lists, checklists etc with just Google sheets alone.
  • You can even take this to another level by creating conditional logical statements.
  • Let me know what you think by leaving your comment below and I'll be glad to read from you.
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