Which google workspace plan do i have?

Hey, Google Workspace and Cloud Identity Admins, this is Goldy again. I recently heard a question, which is how do I figure out which Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Subscription I'm using? 

All I thought is, let me just do a quick video and show you that first of all, you should be a Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Admin to figure that out.

So you will go to admin.google.com and log in with your administrator credentials.

1. Login to your Google Workspace admin console

Once you are in your admin console, you will click on Billing and then you will click on Subscriptions. And here you should be able to see all the subscriptions that you have. For example, here I only have Cloud Identity Free Subscription.

2. Go to Subscriptions under billing

If you need to purchase more subscriptions, you can of course, click on Add or Upgrade and you can sign up for the subscriptions listed here.

3. here you will see all available google workspace subscriptions

Now, in case, if you need to see which subscription or which license is assigned to any of your given users, you can simply search for that specific user.

4. go to user's profile page

For example, here, let's say if I search for myself, I can go to the user's profile page. And if you scroll down a bit here, you will see licenses here. Okay, when you click on that, you will see that this user has been assigned a Cloud Identity Free license.

If you have multiple subscriptions, let's say along with Cloud Identity Free, if I also have Google Workspace, Enterprise Plus and Cloud Identity Premium, and if I sign multiple licenses to any given user, those multiple licenses will be shown right here.

5. you will see all user licenses here

So I hope that might be helpful in case if you're wondering, what subscription do you have as an organization and which subscription is assigned to a given user, you can check this out this way with that.

Thank you so much. If you have any questions, feel free to go to goldyarora.com/faq, Let me know your question or your use case. By no means I'm no expert, but I'll try to answer if I can.

Thank you so much and have a nice day.

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