Create and Use multiple signatures in Gmail

  • Most of us wear multiple hats, perform different roles and prefer to use a Gmail signature respective to that specific role.

  • Like me, you might have been using Canned responses or 3rd party plugins to create and use multiple Gmail signatures, but no more with the launch of this new Gmail feature.

  • Gmail and Google Workspace users can now create and use multiple signatures in Gmail while composing new emails or replying to emails, let me show you how to use this feature.

Go to and enter your Gmail email address to login.

Login to Gmail - enter your user name

Go to and enter your Gmail password to login.

Login to Gmail - Enter your password

Click on the gear icon on top right and then click on settings as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on Gmail Settings

Go to General tab and scroll down to find “Signature”.

Click on General Tab

Click on “Create new” to create your new Gmail signature.

Click on Create New to create new Gmail signature

Name your Gmail signature (better to make it contextual so it becomes easy for you to identify later it by name if you have multiple signatures)

Name your Gmail signature

Complete your Gmail signature as shown in the screenshot below, and then scroll down to save your changes.

Create your Gmail Signature
Scroll down and click on save changes to save your Gmail signature

I would create one more signature here to show you how you can use any of these signatures when composing or replying in Gmail.

Click on “Create new” again to create your second Gmail signature.

Create second Gmail signature

Name your second Gmail signature, and then click on Create.

Note -: I am creating two signatures in Gmail here for quick demonstration, but you can create as many as you need.

Name your second Gmail signature

Complete your second Gmail signature.

Complete your second Gmail signature

Here you can choose your default Gmail signature for new emails and email replies.

Gmail signature setting for new and reply emails
  • You can also enable “Insert signature before quoted text in replies and remove the “-” – line that precedes it.

  • I would recommend you to enable it to make your replies clean, as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Finally, scroll down, and save your changes.
Set your Gmail signature defaults
Scroll down and click on save changes to save your Gmail signature
  • You can go to your Gmail and click on compose.
Compose new email in Gmail
  • You would now notice that Gmail has inserted your default signature based on the defaults that you chose in Gmail signature settings above.
Your new email would have default Gmail signature
  • You can however click on “Insert Signature” (Pen Icon) as shown in the screenshot below and select the signature that you want to insert from your multiple Gmail signatures.
Select your Gmail signature
  • You would notice that Gmail instantly replaced your default signature to the one you chose.
Your changed signature has been inserted in Gmail
  • You can also use “Insert Signature” icon to insert signature of your choice in email replies as shown below.
You can also change your email reply signature the same way

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