Tips to Integrate Shopify and Gmail in Minutes

If you’re using Shopify on your website, you’ll likely want to integrate Gmail into your social media marketing platform.

This allows lots of user control over email lists, business contacts, and more. One of the disadvantages of Shopify is that it doesn’t provide any email hosting capability, but once Gmail is integrated into it, that problem can be fixed.

Gmail can be integrated into Shopify in minutes using several different extension tools such as Storeye, AppyPie Connect, Zoho Mail, Zapier, or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). With these different third-party extensions, Gmail can be integrated into Shopify with a forwarding email address. Another way to easily combine Gmail and Shopify is to use Gmail Integrations.

 Integrating Shopify and Gmail doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading to learn more about how to accomplish integrating these two social media marketing tools and what you need to do to pull it off.

What Are Gmail Integrations?

Gmail Integrations are a series of third-party apps that allow Gmail users to dovetail Gmail mailing and social media applications into their pre-existing social media and business platform on Shopify.

There are hundreds of Gmail Integration apps that are designed to help integrate Gmail mailing capability into dozens of social media marketing platforms, including Shopify.The disadvantage of using Gmail Integrations is that in many cases, it is not easy to integrate Shopify and Gmail without the use of a third-party integration app.

Gmail Integration apps also allow users to archive their emails with a third-party archiving solution by forwarding their emails out of Gmail. (Source:Google Support)Here are some of the Gmail Integrations that are available for use with Shopify: 

  • Shopify + Digest by Zapier + Gmail : This Zapier integration allows you to receive an email digest of all of your new Shopify orders through Gmail by using the third-party application Zapier to connect the two applications.
  • New Customer Welcomes from Gmail : This Appy Pie Connect extension allows business owners to send a welcome email to any new customers in their Shopify account to establish a social media rapport.
  • Gmail Emails Sent for Every Shopify Order : This Appy Pie Connect extension sends out an email from Gmail to alert the business owner every time a transaction or order is processed on their business website. This can allow owners to keep a close eye on any purchases made.
  • Gmail Emails Sent for Every New Shopify Customer : This Appy Pie Connect extension sends out an email from Gmail to alert the business owner every time a new customer signs up on their business website. Not only does this let business owners see how many people they’re converting from clicks to customers, but it also lets them see customer contact details to help them compose business contact lists. This can be sent as a daily, weekly, or monthly digest.
  • Send Gmail emails to new Shopify customers : This Zapier app extension allows business owners to send an email to new customers to connect with them after a sale. Establishing a social media platform for previous customers is one of the best ways for business owners to generate repeat business from previous transactions.
  • Pass new Shopify orders through ZeroBounce before sending a Gmail email : ZeroBounce is an application that can verify an email address before Gmail sends out a business email, and this can help prevent business owners from bouncing emails at bad email addresses and potentially wasting their outgoing emails on a business account. This extension application is run by Zapier.

All of these third-party applications and more are available through Gmail Integrations. Many third-party Gmail and Shopify integrations are designed to address specific workflow issues related to running a business through an email, such as welcome emails, email digests, and contact list aggregation.

Other Applications to Integrate Shopify and Gmail

Other than the apps at Gmail, several third-party applications can also help you integrate Shopify and Gmail.Here are a few of the applications you can use to combine the two tools seamlessly: Storeye : Once you have the Storeye application downloaded, you can edit your shop’s Shopify information directly from your Gmail account.

This application allows you to view and edit customer contact information, view and edit order information, view abandoned checkouts, and search individual customers.

Automate IO : Like Appy Pie Connect, Automate IO is a suite of different third-party application extensions designed to integrate Shopify and Gmail. Through Automate IO, business owners can perform the following operations through Gmail and Shopify:

  • Send emails through Gmail to new customers
  • Send emails for abandoned carts, updated orders, and fulfilled orders
  • Send emails about new fulfillment events in Shopify
  • Add or remove email labels in Gmail for customers in Shopify

Using third-party applications suites like these, integrating Shopify and Gmail as your email hosting service for your business is quick and simple.

Tips for integrating Shopify and Gmail

The reason there are so many third-party plug-in extensions to help integrate Gmail and Shopify is that Gmail is one of the most-used email hosting services on the planet for businesses.

To get more out of Gmail for your Shopify business, here are some ways that you can use Gmail to your advantage in online business strategy (Source: Webcraft): 

  • Keep track of your online store’s performance : One major way that Gmail can be used as an integrated tool with Shopify is to provide a convenient way for digital store clerks to monitor their online sales. This is important to business owners not just to keep track of how their business performs daily, but also for tracking longer-term business goals and financial trends.
  • Stay in contact with past customers : Email digests and other communications can be used with previous customers to keep them informed of any flash sales, special offers, new merchandise, or other news from your online store that might tempt past customers into making a repeat transaction. Repeat customers are one of the most important parts of a successful online business since these customers are worth more and are more likely to refer new customers.
  • Welcome new customers : Refining your brand identity and giving your online store a “voice” is crucial for standing out from the crowd of endless other digital stores, and one major way you can do this is through your digital communications with your customers. A welcome email is a simple way to show customers that you value their time and their money.
  • Urge customers to complete abandoned carts : Studies show that customers abandon a digital shopping cart for many different reasons, and not all of them have to do with the fact that they don’t want the product. In many cases, they are drawn away from their tab or computer. Sending an email to remind customers of abandoned carts can improve your chances of completing the sale. 

There are many different ways that Gmail can be used to help amplify a social media marketing platform for digital business, and Gmail can also be used to help digitalize brick-and-mortar businesses successfully as well.With new worldwide restrictions placed on sales through physical storefronts due to COVID-19, the seamless integration of communication technologies in digital storefronts is more vital than ever before.

Does Salesforce Integrate with Gmail?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) service, and this CRM service is compatible with Gmail. Thanks to options such as Salesforce Classic and Lightning Edition, Gmail can be easily integrated into Salesforce.

See the Salesforce Trailblazer Community for explicit instructions on how to integrate Gmail into either Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning Edition.

There Are Plenty of Easy Options for Integrating Shopify and Gmail

If you are a business owner who is looking for smooth integration between Shopify and Gmail, there are tons of third-party applications you can download (as well as application extensions directly through Gmail and Shopify) that allow you to combine the two tools. With so many options, you are bound to find the ones that are perfect for you!

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