Integrate Zoom with Google Workspace

Google Meet is a great product which can help you do video conferencing securely from anywhere with the help of this Internet.But in case, if you're using Google Workspace and you already have invested in some other video conferencing system, for example, Zoom, you shouldn't be restricted to use just Google Meet.In this video I'll show you how Google Workspace can provide you the flexibility to use any video conferencing provider, including Google's own Google Meet or something else.Let's say my video conferencing provider in this use case is Zoom.So I will go to Google Workspace Marketplace where I will install the extension called 'Zoom' for all my users.Start with searching for Zoom.

1. I will go to google workspace market place

Click on the install button, and it will ask you to authorize the required permissions.

3. After click domain install my users have an option to zoom meeting

So I'll click on that and I'm installing it for the domain,which means once I'm done with that, my users will have an option to include Zoom meetings when they create Google Calendar invite.

4. So here i am almost done

So I'm almost done with that. But now one more thing. We do not want Google to be inserting Google Meet invites by default because that might confuse the audience when they receive your calendar invites.So for that, I will again go to my Google admin console.I will go to Google Workspace applications.

5. I will go to google admin console. In apps will go to Google workspace

Then I will click on Google Calendar.

6. In this google workspace app i will go to calander

Under Calendar, there is an entry which allows you to control on whether video conferencing links of Google Meet should be added automatically when your users create Calendar invite or not.

7. Under calander there is an entry to video confrencing link

So I will uncheck both of them because I will be using Zoom and then click on Save.Once I'm done with that, it might take some time to reflect these changes, but we will go ahead and give it a shot and let's try.

8. So i will just uncheck both of them Click on save

Okay, now I will go to my Google Calendar and I will create a test meeting.

9. So i will take a look go back to my calanders

So let's create a meeting for tomorrow. Now along with Google Meet, I also see this drop down here, once I click on that, I see the Zoom meeting option, so I'll click on that.

11. Now here what i see other than google meet confrencing there are drop down When i click on this there are two options click on zoom meet

let's call it some test meeting, send the invite.

12. So lets Call it some test meeting i will also include my other user here and send it invite

when I look at the meeting invite in my calendar, I see join zoom meeting than Google Meet which is what i wanted.

13. When i Click on that i will only see zoom meet here rather than google meet

Now when i go to the recipient mailbox, I see Zoom as the video conference option, so it is working seamlessly as we expected.

14. When i go to the recepient mailbox click on that here we can see zoom confrence invite works great

This is how your can integration Zoom as a video conference provider for your Google Workspace users. I hope it helps.If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to write below this post and I will be happy to collaborate.Thank you so much.

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