Question? Use Case?

  • Do you have any question regarding G Suite? or may be a use case but you do not know if that can be done with G Suite?

I do not know your question (yet), but let me still tell you, G Suite is (very) powerful especially with some advance level functionality and Google Apps Script, watch this as a proof.

Though I do not freelance, but as you might have seen, I am passionate about G Suite and help community get most out of their investment in it.

If you have any question, or a use case, you may request to be a part of our small private Facebook group where group members (including Goldy) share G Suite learnings and answer any question regarding G Suite or free G Suite tools

Note-: Please make sure to answer Facebook group join request questions, if you can’t do that much to provide context on why you want to join this group, please do not bother to join as your request would not be accepted.

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