Save your time with these free Google Workspace Tools & Scripts

I am a systems person who loves to automate things, and have developed a few Google Workspace tools & scripts which help over 17 million Google Workspace users & admins today, you may explore them below.

Goldy Arora
Google Workspace Certified

G License Manager

  • Reveal Google Workspace license optimization opportunities.

  • Bulk Assign, Un-assign, Update & List Google Workspace licenses.

  • Archive & Unarchive licenses in bulk.

  • Zero code, do everything from familiar Google Sheets.
G License Manager Overview

Google Sheet Add-Ons for Google Workspace Admins & Users

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Automate your Google Workspace Administration, used by over 14 Million Admins

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Automate your Google Classroom management, used by over 3 million teachers

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Labels Manager

Bulk create, update, export & delete Gmail labels easily from Google sheet without a line of code

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Tools & Scripts for Google Workspace Users & Admins

Folder Manager

Create storage consumption report, find & delete empty Google Drive folders with just a click

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Domain Checker

Give me domain names, I would instantly tell you if they are using Google Workspace or not

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IP Tracker

Easily track changes in Google Workspace email servers IP ranges and get notified

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Easy to use + Readymade + Free Google Apps Scripts

Attendance Reporter

Easily create a self service Google Meet attendance tracking application

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Subscription Tracker

Easily track your SaaS & other subscriptions in Google sheet

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OAuth Tokens Audit

Generate OAuth tokens audit report for all Google Workspace users at once

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Google Apps Scripts for Google Workspace Administrators

Auto Archive Users

Automatically archive Google Workspace users based on their orgUnit membership

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License Reporting

Get orgUnit based Google Workspace license consumption in Google sheet

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Google Workspace Self Service

Provide self service option to your users to create groups, aliases etc.

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Google Apps Scripts : Set it, forget it:)

License Notifier

Get email alerts when you run low on Google Workspace licenses

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More Coming Soon

If you have any use case in mind, let me know and i'll see if we can automate it

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