Email templates in Gmail

Gmail Canned Response feature can help you save lot of time which you might be spending today in sending emails with same content.

You can create email templates in Gmail with this features (now with attachments too with this trick)

This templates can be used when composing new emails, replying to existing emails OR you can also create Auto Replies with them with use of Gmail Filters.

Canned Response
Google Drive file link
Awesome Email Template

Gmail Strikethrough Shortcut

Above method is a work around, but you will not want to do this all the time, as back and forth between Google Docs and Gmail might be painful to achieve this small task of striking through your message.

You can create a Canned response in Gmail with your strikethrough text one time, and then whenever you need to strikethrough, just insert your canned response, edit it on the fly, and you are all set:).

How to create Canned Response in Gmail (with attachment)

Step 1-: Login to your Gmail and go to Settings

Step 2 -: Click on Labs, search for “Canned Response”, Enable it, and don’t forget to save your changes.

Step 3-: Click on Compose button in Gmail

Step 4-: Type your message body (if you want to insert attachment, do not insert within your email body, rather upload it to your Google Drive, get its link and insert this link in your Gmail message)

Step 5-: Click on the dropdown button on bottom left of your Gmail window, and then click on Canned Response

Step 6-: Click on “New Canned Response”, and give it a name

Step 7 -: Test it by composing a new email, Click on the dropdown button on bottom left of your Gmail window, and then from Canned Responses, click on your canned response listed under “Insert Canned Response”.

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

Stop being considered as spammer and avoid ending up in your recipients spam folder with this proven, tested and Google’s recommended method.