Gmail Templates with Attachments

Email templates in Gmail

  • Gmail Canned Response feature can help you save a lot of time which you might have been spending in sending emails with same content.
  • You can create email templates in Gmail with this features (now with attachments too with this trick)
  • This templates can be used when composing new emails, replying to existing emails OR you can also create Auto Replies with them with use of Gmail Filters.
Create templates in Gmail which work with attachments too
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1. Go to Settings in Gmail

  • Log into your Gmail account if you've not.
  • Hover your mouse over settings icon and click on "Settings" from list of items that shows up.

2. Enable canned response

  • Click on "Labs" to switch to experimental settings.
  • Search for "canned" in the input search provided.
  • Click on "Enable" to enable canned responses.
  • Now click on "Save changes" button.

3. Compose new email

  • After enabling canned response you're ready to create your first canned response.
  • Click "Compose" to create a new email which you're going to save as a canned response.
  • Now don't attach a document just yet because that won't work. I'll be showing you a work-around in the following steps.

4. Upload attachment to Google Drive

  • In order to be able to save your canned response with an attachment, you don't upload them as normally you would.
  • Instead, upload the document to Google Drive and then provide the link to the file as you'll see in our next steps.

5. Copy file link from Google Drive

  • After you've successfully uploaded your file to Google Drive.
  • Right click on the file then click on "Get shareable link"
  • You'll now be provided with a link. Copy that link then proceed to the next step.

6. Create link in your message body

  • Now go back to the message you were composing in step 3.
  • Click on a link icon at the bottom of the page. Then paste the link you copied in step 5.
  • You can specify a text to display such as "attachment". Finally click "OK" to insert the link.

7. Save message as Canned Response

  • To save your email as a canned response, click on more icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Hover on "Canned response", then click on "New canned response".
  • Give your canned response a name. Then click on "OK".

8. Compose with canned response

  • Now that you've created your canned response. You can now use it to quick compose and reply to emails.
  • To do that, hover your cursor on more icon at the bottom of the page, then move it over "Canned response", choose canned response you just created.

That is it!

  • As you can see, you can now quickly compose an email with a link to an attachment using a template you just created.
  • I hope that was helpful, if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below and I'll be happy to help,
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