Gmail Forwarding Filter

Sometimes you need to forward your Gmail emails to another email account, either to yourself or to someone else.

In my use case today, Instead of forwarding all my emails, I only want to forward a few selective ones based on my criteria

In this video, i will show you how to forward selective emails from your Gmail to other account

Setup Email Forwarding
Create Forwarding Filter
Forward Selective Emails

How does it work?

  1. You can go as granular as you want by creating your filters based on Gmail search operators such as gmail auto forward from specific sender
  2. Gmail does not allow to forward old emails, only emails which come after you setup forwarding filter will be forwarded
  3. You can create upto 20 Forwarding filters
  4. This filter will work regardless of you are using Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps) email account

Step by Step Instructions for setting up forwarding in Gmail

Step 1-: Login to your Gmail or G Suite email account

Step 2 -: Go to Settings and click on Forwarding tab (Note -: If you do not see this tab, that means your G Suite Administrator has disabled email forwarding

Step 3-: Click on Add a forwarding address, and put the email address where you want to forward your gmail emails, Google will then send a code on that email id (which you need to copy from there, and paste it here in your Gmail) to confirm that you own that account or have authorization to forward emails to it

Now, if you want to forward all your emails, just enable forwarding and you are all set (make sure you select keep mail’s copy in the inbox option to avoid google deleting emails forwarding)

If you want to only forward selective emails, keep reading

Step 4-: Create a filter with your criteria, watch the video above for reference

Step 5-: On the second page of creating filter, click on “forward it to” and select the account you setup for forwarding

Step 6-: Save it, and you are all set

Now whenever emails come to your mailbox matching your criteria, Gmail will forward their copy to your other email id

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

Stop being considered as spammer and avoid ending up in your recipients spam folder with this proven, tested and Google’s recommended method.