Send Emails from Other Addresses in Gmail

So You own more than one email id and want to get rid of switching back and forth?

In this video, i will show how you setup Gmail’s feature called “Send Mail As” which will help you in sending from any of your email ids right from your Gmail mailbox

Gmail Send Mail As
Uncheck "Treat as Alias"
Recommended Setting

Gmail Send Mail As Setup

  1. Login to your Gmail
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on the Accounts & Import Tab
  4. Click on “Add another email address you own”
  5. Enter your Name and Email Id
  6. Uncheck on “Treat as Alias”
  7. It’ll now send a code on your other email id to confirm your ownership of it
  8. Copy the code from there, and paste it here

You are now all now, regardless of you are using Gmail or G Suite, it’ll work with both.

To confirm, click on the compose button now, and you will see your main Gmail id and other (which you just configured) as options to send mail from

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

Stop being considered as spammer and avoid ending up in your recipients spam folder with this proven, tested and Google’s recommended method.