Strikethrough in Gmail

  • Sometimes you need to format your email messages to convey the message correctly to your recipients, and striking through is one of those formatting options.
  • Unfortunately, Google does not provide an out of the box way to strikethrough text in gmail email yet, but with this trick you can easily do gmail strikethrough.
  • This works in your personal Gmail as well as in Google Workspace ( Gmail for business).
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1. Create a new document

  • Using Google Docs, create a new blank document.

2. Type your text

  • Type your email text in the document you just created.
  • Highlight part of the text you want to strikethrough in Gmail by selecting it.

3. Select "Strikethrough"

  • From the ribbon bar, go to "Format" option.
  • Click on "Strikethrough" from the list of formatting options shown.

4. Copy your text

  • Now that your text has a strikethrough all you have to do is copy it.
  • To do so, highlight the entire text in the document, right-click then click on "Copy".

5. Paste text into Gmail

  • Now head over to Gmail, compose new email then paste copied text.
  • You notice you now have strikethrough text in your composed email.
  • You can now send your email and the recipient will receive it with a strikethrough text just as you want it.

Gmail Strikethrough Shortcut

  • You can save time from having to go to Google Docs everytime you want to create a strikethrough text in Gmail.
  • To do so, create a canned response in Gmail with your Gmail strikethrough text, and then just insert and edit it whenever you want to send an email with strikethrough text.
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