Strikethrough in Gmail

Sometimes you need to format your email messages right way to convey the message correctly to your recipients, and striking through is one of those formatting options.

Unfortunately, Gmail does not have this formatting option yet, but with this trick you can easily strikethrough your text in Gmail.

You should also be able to strikethrough selective part of your email message in your personal Gmail or Gmail for business

Strike through Text
Canned Response
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Gmail Strikethrough Shortcut

Above method is a work around, but you will not want to do this all the time, as back and forth between Google Docs and Gmail might be painful to achieve this small task of striking through your message.

You can create a Canned response in Gmail with your strikethrough text one time, and then whenever you need to strikethrough, just insert your canned response, edit it on the fly, and you are all set:).

Step by Step Instructions for strikethrough in Gmail

Step 1-: Go to Google Docs and create a new document

Step 2 -: Write your text, and select the part you want to strikethrough

Step 3-: From the ribbon bar, go to Format Tab and  click on Strikethrough

Step 4-: Copy your text

Step 5-: Compose email in Gmail and paste your copied text

You will notice it retained the strikethrough formatting, now you are all to send your email and your recipients will see your message with strikethrough text.

Consider creating a canned response in your gmail for quickly inserting strike through text.

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

Stop being considered as spammer and avoid ending up in your recipients spam folder with this proven, tested and Google’s recommended method.