G Suite (Google Apps) Email Alias

If you need additional email addresses in Google Apps, instead of buying new licenses, give it a thought.

You can save money by creating Email Alias (nick name) OR Google Groups.

It is also possible to send emails from these alias email ids, though this video is focused on creating, receiving and sending from Email Alias in G Suite, but you here is a tutorial to do this with Google Groups.

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Email Alias vs Google Group

Alias ID – Go for this if you are a single person behind this additional email id.

Google Group – Go for this if there is more than one person who would need to receive emails sent to this additional email id.

Steps to create nick name in Google Apps

Step 1-: Login to your G Suite (Google Apps) Admin Console

Step 2 -: Either click on the Users OR simply search for the user for whom you want to create alias email id

Step 3-: Scroll down and click on Accounts

Step 4-: Click on “Add an Alias”

Step 5-: Add your alias id, select the right domain

Step 6-: Save Changes

Send emails from alias email id

Step 1-: Login to your Gmail and go to settings

Step 2 -: Click on “Accounts and Import”

Step 3-: Under “Send Mail As”, Click on “Add another email address you own”

Step 4-: Enter the alias id which you created

Step 5-: Uncheck “Treat as Alias”

Step 6-: Click on “Next Step”

Step 7-: You should select (recommended) “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”

Step 8-: Compose a new email, and you should see a dropdown to select the email id from which you want to send email

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

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