Google Workspace (Google Apps) Email Alias

Email Alias Vs Google Group

google alias group

1. Log into Google Apps Admin Console

login into google apps admin console e1510004546552

2. Click on "Manage this domain".

click manage this domain e1510004684799

5. Search for user you want to create nickname for.

search user to create email e1510004885104

4. Scroll down and click on "Account"

scroll down click account e1510004742112

5. Click on "Add Aliases"

click add alliases 1 e1510004492184

Additional Email address created.

extra free email created e1510004816399

6. Click on "Accounts and imports".

click accounts and imports e1510004635884

7. Click on "Add another email I own".

click add another email you own e1510004660889

8. Paste email address and uncheck "Treat as an alias"

I would suggest you uncheck “Treat as an alias” I’m not going to go much into details but you can click here to learn more as to why I recommend not to keep it not checked.

paste email you created and uncheck treat as alias e1510004864226

9. Click on "Next Step".

click next step e1510004792489

10. Keep "Reply from same email address" checked.

keep reply from same email address e1510004841640

How about 2000 Aliases?

Create free unlimited Gmail ids in bulk
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