Password Reset in G SUITE

Today we use tens (if not hundreds) of applications and its hard to remember all of them unless we use password managers like lastpass, 1password etc.

So What if you use Google Apps (Google Workspace) and one of your users forgot his password?

You can easily reset it being a Google Workspace Administrator as shown in the video

P.S -: Admin permission is required for this task, if you don’t have this, you can ask your administrator to provide.

Step by Step Instructions to change users password

Step 1-: Go to and login with your admin email id and password

Step 2 -: In the top search bar, search for the user whom password you want to chanage

Step 3-: Click on the reset password icon on top right, either type the new password or use auto generated one

Step 4-: Check on “Require user to change password at next login” box

Step 5-: Send the new password to your user

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