Merge Gmail Accounts

Merge two gmail accounts with this trick
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My Use Case


POP Fetcher Vs Email Forwarding

pop fetcher vs forwarding merge gmail accounts 1

1. Enable POP

enable pop personal 1

2. Add a POP3 account

add pop 3 2

3. Configure POP3 Account


Configure POP3 Account (part 2)


4. Third-party block error

auth error 1

5. Fixing Third-party Error

personal my account

Fixing Third-party error (part 2)

connected apps and sites

Fixing Third-party error (part 3)

enable allow less secure apps

6. Try adding POP3 account again


7. Allow sending email from your other email


8. Name your account & uncheck "treat as alias".

add email account name uncheck treat as alias 1

8. Email Verification

send verification 1

Email Verification (part 2)

paste code and verify 1

Checking emails

checking email 1

9. Composing emails

drop down in compose work email

10. Setting a default email address


An example of fetched email


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4 thoughts on “Merge Gmail Accounts easily with these 2 steps”

  1. After literally a full day, and the next morning, of trying to figure out how to do this for a client (of 10+ accounts), this guide was the ONLY one that got me through it. Thank you so much! It ended up being that 3rd party apps were being allowed in the admin panel, but I hadn’t set each individual email to accepting them. Nowhere else do I see that mentioned. Thank you Goldy.

  2. Thank you! Your fix for “Fixing Third-party Error” was the only one that worked for me after searching for weeks for answers. So many other alleged solutions had me jumping through hoops and settling for less than efficient answers. Even Google’s own help area was useless.

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