Merge Gmail Accounts

Switching back and forth between email accounts is painful, and takes lot of time.

Do you agree it will be better to manage all your email accounts under one single Gmail? If yes, thats what i’ll show you in this video.

You will see how to merge Gmail accounts and manage all your incoming and outgoing emails under one single gmail account.

Gmail Pop Fetcher
Send Mail As
Merge Gmail Accounts

Managing Multiple Gmail Accounts

Either you are using G Suite (Google Apps) or personal Gmail, there are two methods of merging your Gmail accounts-:

  1. Gmail Pop Fetcher + Send Mail As
  2. Email Forwarding + Send Mail As

Let me help you understand both of these options including when should you consider one over another.

Which one to use?

Gmail Pop Fetcher -: Use this when you need to fetch old emails from your source email account to your destination email account

Email Forwarding -: Use this if you are not concerned about your old emails, and its ok for you to start getting your emails (now onwards) from source mailboxes to destination one

*Source mailbox = your other mailboxes

*Destination mailbox = one you plan to use as primary

Gmail Pop Fetcher
Email Fowarding

Step by Step Instructions to configure Gmail Pop Fetcher and Send Mail as

Step 1-: Login to your source mailbox, enable POP (if its Gmail, go to settings –> Forwarding and Pop tab, and if you don’t find it there, check with your G Suite (Google Apps) administrator, they seem to have disabled it).

Step 2 -: In your destination gmail account, click on settings –> Accounts & Import tab –> Click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own” under Check mail from other accounts.

Step 3-: Enter your full email address, enter your password, put your pop server address (if its gmail or google apps, its, port number should be 995, leave the first checkbox unchecked, and check next three check boxes

Step 4-: If you get any error, watch the video above, or put your comments below

Step 5-: If everything went well till here, Gmail will now ask if you want to also setup sending from your other email account, click Yes if you want to do that

Step 6-: Gmail will send a verification code at your other email address to confirm that you own that email, go to that email, copy the code, come back and paste it to verify to Gmail

Now you are all set, soon any email coming to your other email accounts will land to your primary gmail account, and when you click on compose, you will see a dropdown in FROM to select from which email id you want to send emails from, you can also define default behavior in Gmail Settings –> Accounts & Import –> Send Mail As

Repeat the steps for all the mailboxes you want to merge (up to 5 as thats the limit for Gmail Pop), if you want to merge more than 5 email accounts, consider go with Email Forwarding method.

Hope it helps.


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