Merge Gmail Accounts

My Use Case


POP Fetcher Vs Email Forwarding

pop fetcher vs forwarding merge gmail accounts 1

1. Enable POP

enable pop personal 1

2. Add a POP3 account

add pop 3 2

3. Configure POP3 Account


Configure POP3 Account (part 2)


4. Third-party block error

auth error 1

5. Fixing Third-party Error

personal my account

Fixing Third-party error (part 2)

connected apps and sites

Fixing Third-party error (part 3)

enable allow less secure apps

6. Try adding POP3 account again


7. Allow sending email from your other email


8. Name your account & uncheck "treat as alias".

add email account name uncheck treat as alias 1

8. Email Verification

send verification 1

Email Verification (part 2)

paste code and verify 1

Checking emails

checking email 1

9. Composing emails

drop down in compose work email

10. Setting a default email address


An example of fetched email


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