Google Workspace Delegated Administration

  • As aGoogle Workspace administrator, Google gives you the ability to share your administrative responsibilities with your users a.k.a delegated administration.
  • You do this by assigning roles to different users. For instance, you can let a userreset users passwords.
  • Watch the video to learn how you can delegate roles to your users or continue for instructions.

1. Login to admin console

  • First step is for you to login to your Google Workspace admin console using one of the ways discussed above.
  • Remember, you must be an admin to be able to assign roles to other users.
gsuite admin console page

2. Search a user

  • Search for the user you want to assign roles to by typing their username in the search bar.
  • As you type their username, you should see auto suggestions, just click on the name once it appears as you don't have to type the entire username.
  • See next step.
search user you want to give permissions

3. Click 'show more'

  • While still on the same page, scroll down the page and click on 'Show more' text link.
click show more from gsuite admin console

4. Click 'Admin roles and privileges'

  • Now scroll down the page then click on 'Admin roles and privileges' option.
  • As the name suggests, this the option that lets you delegate administrative roles to your users.
click on admin roles and previlages - gsuite admin console

5 (a). Manage Roles

  • You can assignpre-built rolesor create new roles in case you don't find existing roles suiting your use-case.
  • To assign pre-built roles, click on 'Manage Roles' button then see next step.
click manage roles from g suite admin console

5 (b). Select roles to assign

  • From the list of roles, check appropriate role you wish o assign to a user. Then click 'Update Roles' button to save.
  • See a detailed description for each role byclicking on this link.
check appropriet role you want to give a user - gsuite admin console

6 (a). Create custom role

  • If pre-existing roles do not fit your situation, you can create a new role which you can then assign to a user.
  • To create a custom role, click on 'Create new roles' text link.
create new role in gsuite admin console

6 (b). Name new role

  • Next click on 'Create a New Role' button on the left menu
  • Click 'Create' button to continue.
  • A popup form shows up where you can (1) type a name and (2) a description for the new role you're about to create.
  • Click 'Create' button to continue.
Give new rule a name gssuite admin console

6 (c). Select previleges

  • Now you can select privileges that users with this new role will have.
  • To select a privilege, check the box against the privilage. You can also click on little arrows to expand a set of privileges.
  • Click save to create new role.
choose new role privelages then save - Google Workspace admin console

6 (d). Assign new role

  • Now that you've created your new custom role, you can now assign this role to a user.
  • Follow through step 5(a) to 5(b) and now you should be able to assign a new role to a user
assign role to user in g suite admin console

Wrap up!

  • That is all to it. You can now delegate roles to your Google Workspace users and even better, create your own custom roles tailored just for your use-case.
  • For questions and comments, please leave them in the comment section below and I'll be glad to help.

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