Google Apps Delegated Administration

In this video, i will show you how you being a super administrator you can assign G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Administration permission to another users and make them delegated admin.

Depending on your use case, you may want to assign delegated permissions to one of your users so he/she can manage google apps on your behalf either fully or partially.

Step by Step Instructions for Google Apps delegated administration

Step 1-: Go to and login to G Suite Admin console with your admin id and password

Step 2 -: Search for the user to whom you want to assign administration permissions

Step 3-: Once you are on this user’s details page, scroll down and click on “Show More”, and then click on Admin roles and privileges –> Manage Roles

Step 4-: Select Google’s readymade roles if you find them good for your use case and click on update roles, however if you want to create a new role with very specific permissions, you can do that too by clicking on “create new roles”

Here is google’s support article which details whats included in each readymade delegated admin role

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