Bulk Delete Gmail Messages

So you want to clean up your Gmail inbox, and looking for an easy way to delete hundreds or even thousands of gmail messages at once.

In this video, i will show you how I deleted my 62,000 gmail emails with just couple of clicks and made my inbox clean:)

This will work in both Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps)

Select All Emails
Delete Button
So much relief:)

Deleting only unread emails?

If you only want to delete unread emails, you can use is:unread filter to first select all unread emails, and click on the delete button to delete them all at once.

Note-: by default, these will go to your Trash label in Gmail, and will stay there for 30 days, if you want to permanently delete them, go to your Trash folder and click on “Empty Trash” (be sure as this action can not be undo)

Step by Step Instructions for deleting messages in bulk in Gmail

Step 1-: Login to your Gmail

Step 2 -: Put your criteria in the top search bar to filter our messages which you want to delete, in my case these were all unread messages, so i filtered them out with the search term IS:UNREAD you can refer to Google article here to see all Gmail Search Operators

Step 3-: Select all your messages once they are filtered with your search query

Step 4-: Gmail will now show you “Select all conversations that match this search” click on that to select it

Step 5-: Click on the Delete button to delete them all (based on number of messages it may take a few seconds to minutes, it took around 2 minutes to delete my 62k emails)

Step 6-: Go to your Trash label and click on “Empty Trash” to delete them permanently else they’ll be delete automatically from Trash in 30 days.