• My wife and I wanted to have Google Workspace on all our domains but as we were just getting started we thought to invest sometime figuring out ways to cut down on this monthly recurring cost.

  • Along with a few things I knew (coz of my day job as Google Workspace Administrator), I also did some research and testing. We were amazed to save ~65% on our workspace (explained below) cost.

  • Let me share all we learnt…. rest assured…. if you use these  tips as shown… you would be able to save 20% to 65% depending on our scenario.

1. Google Workspace promotion code

  • Let’s start with an easiest 10% guaranteed savings for first 12 months.

  • Google does not allow public distribution of these coupons, they are request based. Once you fill up the form, you immediately (automated) get a Google Workspace promotion code in your Inbox.

  • Don’t stop with just 10% here, I highly recommend you to read 9 more ways below to further reduce your recurring cost.



  • Let’s take a scenario, you run 3 small businesses, each business has its own website, now you need 3 email addresses to interact with prospects and customers of these businesses (one each).

  • Instead of going with usual way of buying 3 Google Workspace licenses, let see (in the below video) how playing a bit smart here can save us 65% on top of 10% which we already saved with Google Workspace promo code.

  • 96% of the 30,000 users who tried this method were happy with this tip as you see the video stats below.


  • Sign up 3 domains
  • Buy 3 licenses and pay $18 per month ($6/month *3 licenses, one on each domain)
  • Create 3 gmail addresses (one for each domain)
  • Switch back and forth in all 3 to check emails and reply to them


Watch this video to see how you achieve the same in just $6/month.

Play Video
Run multiple businesses with one Google Workspace license and save money on Google Workspace


  • If you have been following so far, you got 14 days trial + you used Google Workspace Promo Code (formerly G Suite) and earned 10% discount.
  • If You are now sure that it can help you be productive and collaborative with its innovative cloud based tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Meet video conferencing, Sites, Google Vault along with Admin controls.
  • Then it's time to consider switching to yearly plan as it comes with 17% additional savings over Google Workspace promo code than flexible plans.
  • I have highlighted pros and cons of Flexible and Annual (Monthly vs Annual) plans below which should help you decide what's best for you.

Commit & save





  • Approx 17% of more savings on top of Google Workspace promo code
  • No hassle of making (or tracking) monthly payments
  • Help you psychologically treat Google Workspace as your long term email system and inspire to get most out it
  • You are locked in for a year, so if you buy 10 licenses, and 2 of your employees leave, you can not ask Google to refund for 2 users, only option for you is to give them to new employees once they join in




  • Pay as you go, monthly billing cycle, increase or decrease licenses on monthly basis as you need
  • No locked in, in that worst case, if you want to move away from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), you are only responsible for that month’s payment (monthly bill).
  • Expensive – You will end up paying 17% more than annual plan
  • You will be more prone to consider other systems as you hear of, when you know you can cancel subscription anytime, which might hurt your productivity

Go Monthly

  • If you have high attrition rate, and there is a substantial gap in employees leaving vs joining
  • If you are buying it just for yourself or for your small business (5-10 users), go for monthly plan

Go Annual

  • If yours is an established / large business, go for annual plan
  • If you are a kind of person or business who gets excited to hear about new technologies or systems, go for annual plan as it’ll put a full stop on your jump around (at least for a year)
  • P.S -: I don’t mean to avoid switching for something good, rather to avoid technology dilemma:)


Choose Your Payment Plan




  • I have seen businesses go crazy on creating users without taking advantage of Google Groups, though a bit less with G Suite business promo code, but it'll still increase your recurring expense.
  • It's not unusual to see some creating users like and wasting their hard earned money every month, as Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) pricing is recurring.
  • Well, that's ok, because they are experts in their business, and not in Google Workspace, but what if a little bit of learning can help you save substantial money?
  • In this video, i will show you how you can use Google Workspace Groups to send and receive emails and save some money
Learn how to Send and Receive emails from Google Workspace Groups
Play Video


You might use your email address to sign up for different services, may be newsletter subscription etc, instead of putting your primary email id everywhere, you should rather do this-:

  • Create a Catch All Account
  • Now you can give anyone any email id, it only has to end up in, that's it
  • Google will catch all email send to any email id @yourdomain and send it your primary mailbox
Create a catch all account in Google Workspace
Play Video


  • Your email id is goldy @
  • Gmail allows you to receive emails on
  • But this trick is too old, and people can easily judge your real email id by removing the part after +
  • It's ok to use if you use, but there is a better way if you have signed up for Google Workspace.


  • You main email id is and you created catch all account as shown in the video above
  • You can now use any email id, it just has to end up in
  • No one can guess you real email id now, much better than playing with Gmail’s + method
  • When you sign up for things which need email id, but you really don’t want to give your real one, just give, and once done, create a filter to auto delete emails coming on this email id.

6. Recipient Address Mapping

Watch me create 2000 FREE email addresses in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) for sending and receiving emails in less than 6 minutes with this hidden feature.

  • If you are a non technical person, then please do not get scared by looking at this technical term “Recipient address map” it's not my fault, google named it like this, but I’ll make it easy for you to understand it (and of course use it) to save some money with it.
  • Once you understand it well, you can really save good money, so let's go for it
  • Google has a feature (which very less knows about, and you’ll not be one of them after today:) called “Recipient address mapping” which is hidden in the Control Panel which you get access to being a suite administrator when you sign up for Google Workspace.
Create free unlimited Gmail ids in bulk
Play Video

Understanding Recipient address map-:

  • Think of it like a spreadsheet with 2 columns, where
  • Column 2 = Your Actual Google Workspace email id for which you pay every month to Google.
  • Column 1 = Your Nick Name (for this you do NOT pay to google, but google let you receive any email sent to your nick name in your main (column 1) mailbox

So I know, you might have got some idea now, but to make sure you get it right, here is an example

Let say you are just starting up your business and like a passionate business owner, you would love to be perceived as a professional (or kind of big) business, by creating different email addresses such as,, support@, sales@, helpdesk@ etc, but it will be just you behind the scenes.

In this case, you can buy one license which will be your primary Google Workspace mailbox (with using Google workspace starter or standard promo code), and then put other accounts as nick names in recipient address table, and now you are free to give these emails addresses to your network, because when people send emails to any of your ids, it will come right in your primary mailbox.

But wait.... What about replying?

You might be asking what if need to reply to these emails, it won’t look if the replies go from my email id (user account) instead from the one to whom email was actually sent. Well, if you have this question, I would say “You got it”!

  • So here is the way you can do just that, google offers something called “Send Mail As”, it is a feature (if setup correctly) which let you send (or reply) from nick names too.
  • And you can also set it up in a way, that you don’t have to choose it manually all the time, rather it automatically sends from the email id to which the email was actually sent.
  • Note-: you will always have the option to choosing from email id (primary or nick name) you want to send from.
  • So let us see how to configure this hidden gem called “Gmail Send Mail As”, here is an easy step by step video to set it up
Learn how to send emails from multiple email ids in Gmail
Play Video

7. Switch to a Google workspace (g suite) Reseller

Though the Google Workspace Promo Code for U.S got you 10% discount by now, but what if you in your second year of Google Workspace sign up?

What if you are an existing customer where Google Workspace starter or standard promo code won’t work for you? 

Most of the businesses do not even know that Google has resellers who are specialized in transitioning you to Google Workspace and get most out of your investments in it and can help you save money even if there are no coupons code for business available for your country or even if you are an existing Google Workspace customer.

Google Partners (Google Workspace Resellers) get 15% to 30% recurring commissions on workspace licenses, and based on the number of licenses you need, they should be able to through some discounts to you.

Google Workspace Usage Stats
  • Google Workspace Setup as per Google’s best recommended practices
  • Data Migration from your email server to Google Workspace (such as emails, calendar and contacts).
  • Change Management (including “Communications management”, “Training Management” and “Support management”)
  • Security, Mobility, Integrations etc

but there is a good chance for you to save money here...

Yes! there is a good chance for you to save money here and also get personalized and expert support to use Google Workspace at its best

You can contact any Google Workspace Reseller (here is a Google Partner directory) mentioning that you have already signed up for workspace and wondering if you can get some discount if you transfer your account to them.

In most of the cases, you should be able to get around 5% to 10% discount on your Google Workspace billing, making it a win-win as reseller will still get 10% margin even after giving 10% to you which will be a decent savings second year onwards when you can’t save with Google Workspace Promo Code.

Note-: You need to make sure that the reseller you are signing up with is credible + has active Google partnership + Expertise + may be a few case studies.

OK, so if you have been following so far, you would have reduced (or at least in position to reduce) your Google Workspace Smonthly bill substantially.

Let’s move on and cover couple of more saving to save

8. Do you qualify to get Google workspace for FREE?

I have seen sometimes businesses straight away jump to buy Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) even if they can get it for free or at very high discount.

In case if you are an educational institute, you might be qualified for “Google Workspace for Education” which provides unlimited number of users with ZERO cost, here is the criteria provided by Google -: Eligibility criteria for Education by Google

and if you are a non profit organization with 501 3 C status you can also qualify for it, however its free upto 3,000 users, and if you have more than 3k users, you can get 66% discount

Here is detailed criteria Eligibility criteria for Non Profits by Google

9. Keep an eye - review your usage

If its just you using Google Workspace as a single user, then its ok, but if you have a few users and usually add/remove licenses, you should make a habit of reviewing your Google Workspace license usage every month

i would say a week ago your monthly billing date, this will help you avoid paying for licenses which you do not use. While reviewing, ask yourself these questions-:

  • Would this new user need and email id and password to login to new mailbox OR just needs a way to send and receive emails?
  • Can I better a Google Group and configure “Send Mail As”?
  • If the user has left, and a new one is joining, should i simply rename a user from to as this will retain old employees data too (including Gmail emails, Google Drive documents, Google+ pages etc)
  • will it take a couple of months to replace the left employee? if yes, better to back up his data and delete the mailbox, and create one when new employee joins in

You can also keep track of logged in vs never logged in, suspended vs active users with the tool I created.


If you have been sticking so far, and applied Google Workspace discount promo code and all other tips mentioned above, I believe you would have saved substantial amount of money on your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).


Its time to pat yourself on the back, and may be get a beer with nachos and some salsa:)

Below I have put some more information for your reference including

How to use Google Workspace Promotion Code (instructions with screenshots)

Step 1 - Login to Google Workspace Admin Console

  • To apply your Google Workspace Promo Code, Login to your Google Apps Admin console by visiting and login in with your administrator credentials.
  • There are 3 possible ways to login to your Admin console, if you aren’t sure, watch the video for instructions.
Learn how to login to Google Workspace Admin Console
Play Video

Step 2 - Go to Billing Section

  • Now after login to Admin console, go to billing section by either clicking on the “Setup Billing” button on the dashboard of your Google Workspace Control Panel or by click on the big Billing icon
  • Look at the screenshot for reference
Go to Google Workspace billing section

Step 3 - Select Your Payment Plan

  • You will find Flexible and Annual plan, choose the one you want to go with, Google Workspace promotion code will work with both the payment options assuming promo codes are available for your country, so choose your country correctly.
  • Note-: Google only offers 10% discount on workspace starter and standard plans, not discount on enterprise plan.
Google Workspace Promo Code

Step 4 - Enter Your Google Workspace Promo Code

  • Click on the “Promotion Code” link and enter your promo code.
  • If it says, “The promotion code you entered is not valid or invalid code,” that means you are signing up for Google Workspace Standard plan and putting starter plan promo code or other way.
Google Workspace Promo Code

Step 5 - Confirm Google Workspace Promo Code has been applied

  • And now the final step -: You should see the message "If you see the message "10% off each month for 12 month(s).
  • Which sounds a bit confusing, but that means your Google Workspace promo code has been applied and you will start seeing 20% discount on your coming 12 monthly invoices.
Google Workspace Promo Code


Not Valid for Selected Product

After applying the discount coupon, if you get an error “The Promotion Code you entered is not valid for the selected product” that means you are signing up for Google Workspace Business ($12/user/month) plan from a country where Google suite referral program does not provide Google Workspace Business Promo Code, and you won’t be able to apply promo code.

Google Workspace Promo Code


  • If you need email archiving due to the industry you operate in (such as banking industry needs businesses to keep last 7 years email)
  • If you need Granular Google Drive sharing rules OR information rights management such as who can download your document etc.
  • If you need recently launched Google Team Drives Google Drive vs Team Drive


  • If you are signing up for Google Workspace business plan just to get additional storage, then consider going with basic plan to get 20% discount code.
  • And then buy additional storage, it should be cheaper option for you
  • Once you are logged into your Google Workspace Gmail, click on below link to check additional storage pricing
  • Save 20% for first year, and next year (if required) upgrade to Google Workspace business

GOOGLE WORKSPACE Promotion Code - Availability as per Country.

Name of the CountryPromo Code Available for Google Workspace Starter plan.Promo Code Available for Google Workspace Standard plan.
United StatesYesYes
Hong KongYesYes
New ZealandYesYes
United Arab EmiratesYesYes
United KingdomYesYes


Pricing$6 per user per month$12 per user per month
Storage30 GB Storage per user2 TB storage per user
Password SecurityPassword monitoring and strength controlPassword monitoring and strength control
Multi Factor AuthenticationYes, 2-step verificationYes, 2-step verification
Authentication FlexibilitySingle Sign On (SSO)Single Sign On (SSO)
Mobile auditNoYes
Advanced Drive auditing and reportsNoYes
Advanced Drive administrator controlsNoYes
Google Vault for Archiving and Compliance (learn more in my Google Vault guide here)NoNo
Template GalleryYes (no moderation)Yes, (with moderation)
Google Workspace Promotion Code by Google

Yes, 10%

Yes, 10%

Google workspace PROMO CODE FAQS

I have answered frequently asked questions about Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Promotion Code below for your reference, hope it helps to provide clarity.

You only need to apply one code for your account, number of users or domains are irrelevant here.

You will get 20% discount on your total billing for the first year, be it one user or hundred.

However, there are couple of other ways to save on top of this 20% as mentioned in detailed post on Google Workspace Promo Code

Yes, every code has an expiry date, so make sure you ask your referral partner to send you code for current month, else you will get an error like “this promotion code has been expired”

You may fill up for the form above if you want me to send you apps coupon for current month

No, at this time, it can be applied to Google Workspace basic plan which is $6 per user per month  or Google Workspace business plan which is $12/user/month.

However, it also depends on the country your are signing up from, please look at the table below to see where Google offers promo code and for how much.

Its not recommended, as per referral program terms and conditions, it is violation if one puts codes on public coupon sites like,,,,, or any other website, you get the idea.

So before you apply the coupon, make sure you got it from the place (Google Workspace Referral partner).

You surely can, this new program is available in Australia too, you can find a referral partner and request coupon, or fill up the form below and I will be happy to help you with one for Australia…. just don’t expect the beer within the email:)

I mean the whole referral program is country dependent, so if you are signing up from United Kingdom, then only ask for promo code for U.K specifically, I guess you get the idea.

No, google offers it to referral partners to offer to businesses like yours who are looking to start easy with Apps, nobody is allowed to sell these discount vouchers, and you should strictly not encourage someone selling these.

No, these are country based, if you have one for United States, it will only work if you are signing up from U.S, not in any other country, if you are a business in Canada, you’ll need one for Canada.

So make sure you apply your promo code for usa.

No, this referral program is only available for new customers, if you are already a paid customer, you may read and apply the tips I shared above, but not the coupon code.

In the checkout section, you will a promotion code box with a question mark icon, when you click on question mark, it will say something like

You might have received a unique promotion code directly or from select partners to help you get started with G Suite. If so, please enter your promotion code here.

If you see this, you can apply the promotion coupon and save.

  1. You should apply right after getting as it has an expiry date attached to it
  2. You can still cancel within your 14 days trial period if you don’t find it adding value to your business
  3. Applying the promotion code will not impact your 14 days trial, you will still have the same trial period.

22 thoughts on “Google Workspace Promotion Code + 9 ways to save upto 50% on Google Workspace”

  1. Amazing and a VERY helpful content. Seriously. One of the best explanations and tutorials I have ever seen on internet. I have been using another email provider for our TV creation platform, but it seems that I have been missing a lot by not using G-Suite instead.
    Thank you!

  2. Govind latwal

    Hi Goldy,
    I have gone for 5 users while selecting the trail plan but now i am looking for not more than 3 email accounts. Can you help me on the same since while setting up payment, it is showing payment for minimum 5 users.

  3. Wow, what a great resource you are – and obviously a very smart guy. Thanks for your work here! I am looking to develop a discussion, education, and resource-sharing website for what may become a non-profit organization. I will be keeping an eye out for your advice as I become more familiar with what Google has to offer.

    1. Hi Mirza,

      There are 3 main steps to become Google Workspace reseller-:
      (1) Fill up the reseller application as mentioned here
      (2) Deploy 100 users, these can be either 100 clients of 1 license each OR a single client of 100 users, bottom line is to show that you have deployed 100 users to Google Workspace.
      (3) Let Google do a check to confirm your business entity.

      You can find more information here

  4. Do you get extra discounts if we apply for bulk annual subscription around 2000, and if yes what is the max discount can one get for bulk subscription ?

    1. Hi Darshan – Google offers fix 20% off regardless of the number of licenses with this promotion scheme, however if you are signing up for a few thousand licenses, there might be possibility of getting even more discount via Google Workspace reseller.

      I would say criteria for (potential) more discount here is –> 1000+ licenses & signup country.

  5. Thank you for very detail information. Very helpful might I add. Can you send me information on how to bill annually instead of monthly? Thank you again

    1. your welcome Rodney, am glad I could help.

      If you don’t see option to pick annual plan when signing up, following could be a reason-:

      As per Google – The Annual Plan is currently unavailable in following conditions-:

        If you choose certain countries when you purchase Google Workspace. Existing customers on an Annual Plan will remain unaffected.
        If you purchase business email powered by Google Workspace, via your personal Gmail account.
        If you purchase Google Workspace Business online.

      here is some information by Google

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for your help with getting the best possible Gmail Basic promotion. Please send along the discount promotion and the instructions on how to bill it annually rather than monthly.

    Thanks and say hello to Aaditya and Sara for me!


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