1. Google Workspace Setup With Google Domains

  • A Complete step by step video guide for setting up Google Workspace on the domain purchased from Google Domains following Google's best recommended practices.
  • Watch this overview video to understand whats included in this video guide.
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3. Domain Verification

  • You must verify your domain ownership to Google before using Google Workspace, it prevents unauthorized use of domain.
  • In this step by step video, i'll show you how to verify your Google domain ownership to Google (or to Google Workspace).
Verify your Google Domain to Google Workspace
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4. Email Setup

  • In this video, we'll setup our Google Domain to start using Google Workspace email services.
  • We will do it by creating Google Workspace MX Records in our Google Domain's DNS.
  • I'll give some context in the video about MX records first, and then show you step by step how to setup MX records and start receiving emails in your Google Workspace mailboxes.
Learn how to create Google Workspace MX records for Google domain
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