1. G Suite Setup With Google Domains

  • A Complete step by step video guide for setting up G Suite on the domain purchased from Google Domains following Google's best recommended practices.
  • Watch this overview video to understand whats included in this video guide.
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3. Domain Verification

  • You must verify your domain ownership to Google before using G Suite, it prevents unauthorized use of domain.
  • In this step by step video, i'll show you how to verify your Google domain ownership to Google (or to G Suite).
Verify your Google Domain to G Suite
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4. Email Setup

  • In this video, we'll setup our Google Domain to start using G Suite email services.
  • We will do it by creating G Suite MX Records in our Google Domain's DNS.
  • I'll give some context in the video about MX records first, and then show you step by step how to setup MX records and start receiving emails in your G Suite mailboxes.
Learn how to create G Suite MX records for Google domain
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