Gmail Undo Send

It is not unusual to click on send button in Gmail and then realize you want to correct the message, Gmail offers a feature called “Gmail Undo Send” which allows you to undo your send email action within 30 seconds.

In this video i’ll show you how to setup undo send to recall message within 30 seconds AND a way around to undo send gmail after 30 seconds.

With the recently updated Gmail App, now you can use Undo Send on your mobile device too

Message in Google Docs
Expiration Date
Undo even after 30 seconds

Setup Message Recalling

  • Undo Send Setup (for 30 seconds recall)

Step 1-: Go to Gmail Settings

Step 2-: Go to General Tab

Step 3-: Enable Undo Send

Step 4-: Save Changes

  • Work around for more than 30 seconds-:

Step 1 -: Go to Google Docs and create a new document with your message (think of it like your email)

Step 2-: Click on the Advanced link (as shown in the video)

Step 3-: Share this document with your recipients (unclick on notify recipients) and save

Step 4-: Click on the watch icon and set expiration date

Step 5-: Whenever you want to Undo, simply expire the link in your Google doc sharing setting

Let your emails always land in recipients inbox !

Stop being considered as spammer and avoid ending up in your recipients spam folder with this proven, tested and Google’s recommended method.