A Guide to Google Workspace for Shopify Users

Google Workspace for Shopify Users

Shopify is a great software tool for any business entrepreneur looking to start or expand their online business.  Shopify makes it simple and easy for anyone to create, design, and run their online store.  

Every business owner can reach a global range of customers through the Shopify platform.  Shopify is one of the most popular global e-commerce sites because of its simplicity in navigating for both owners and customers.  Shopify makes it easy for its owners to add their products, use discounts, process orders, and communicate with their customers.

Google Workspace business software makes it much easier for Shopify businesses to operate successfully.  The Google Workspace software allows your online business to communicate effectively between employees and customers because all tools are in one central location.

Google Workspace is a professional software brand that promotes your online business with company email addresses that promote your image and brand.  Having consistent software allows your Shopify store to improve organization and management of your online business.

Google Workspace software is preferred software for your Shopify store.  You need reliable software that promotes communication between customers and employees.

Google Workspace provides a valuable resource that is both dependable and trustworthy for all of your vital information.  Technology is always growing and changing, and you need a dependable service you can rely on.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a collection of business applications that are designed and developed by Google.  All of these applications will improve your Shopify business performance.  The main functions of Google Workspace tools include:

  • Gmail: The Google Workspace email software
      • Businesses have 30 GB of storage space, custom company email addresses
      • Unlimited Google group email addresses
      • 24/7 phone and email support

  • Drive: The Google Workspace cloud storage platform
      • Manages all your business’s private and public content
      • Allows viewing various file formats

  • Docs, Sheets, and Slides: The Google Workspace word processor, spreadsheet and presentation programs
      • All collaboration between employees to save automatic changes
      • Tracks revisions and creates templates

  • Forms: Google Workspace web form and survey tool that collects data
      • Personalize surveys and quizzes

  • Calendar: Google Workspace online calendar that manages schedules, appointments and meetings
      • Schedules meeting rooms, public calendars between employees
      • Uploads public company events for customers

  • Chat & Meet: Google Workspace communication and messaging tool
      • Text, voice and video conversations
      • Operates on either mobiles or desktops

Why Use Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is the preferred software for Shopify users because all the Google content and services are in one compact space.  

The Google Workspace domain is clear and simple to follow and use for all users.  Google Workspace is a great investment for your business.  

You have complete control over your business’s security that is extremely cost-effective.  Google Workspace supports collaboration, organization, productivity, marketing, and sales for your online business.  

Another benefit of Google Workspace software is its cost-effective subscription fee that offers complete security and privacy for your company.  

As a business owner, you have full control of all company-related files and reports.  This means an employee cannot take your private business files without access.  All of your files are only permitted through specific privileges, which is an important feature for any business.  

The subscription services offered include:

  • Google Workspace Starter Edition
      • This edition is $6.00 per user per month

  • Google Workspace Standard Edition
      • This edition is $12.00 per user per month

What is an Average Google Workspace Experience?

When you have Google Workspace software, you improve the performance of your Shopify business quickly.   

An expected experience with using the Google Workspace software includes a complete rundown of specific tasks.  

To begin, you must sign in to your account.  Then after browsing the various applications, you should check your emails first.   

Emails are the main source of communication between employees and customers, so a quick response is essential.   

Afterward, you should check your calendar to manage events and schedule meetings and respond to invitations.  

After updating all of your meetings and emails, you should correspond with your team members and employees.  

You can work on projects using Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.  You can also have a meeting using Google Meet to see everyone through video.  

All of these functions allow you to communicate with your employees remotely and provide excellent feedback to customers, which improves the function of your company. 

If you run into any trouble, there is 24/7 help for all Google Workspace users, which helps when there is the occasional technical glitch. 


Setting Up Your Google Workspace Account:

Creating your Google Workspace account is fast and easy.  You should have a Google Workspace account to improve the function of your Shopify business because of the communication tools that Google Workspace offers.  The process for setting up an account is quick and painless.  

First, you go to the Google Workspace home page and click their “Get Started” icon.  Then you enter your business name, the number of employees, and your contact information.  Afterward, you enter your business address then choose your username and password.  

All of this information is what you need when signing into your Google Workspace account.  Once everything is approved and verified, you will have complete access.  You can add new users to your Google Workspace account.  By adding new users, you can manage what role the users have for your business, whether the role is as a team member or an employee.  

Along with managing your employee information, you will also be in full control of billing, data management, and security for your business.  All of these are valuable components to the success of your company.  

I have put together a complete step by step video guide which you can follow to setup Google Workspace for your business following Google’s recommended best practices.

You can view the video setup guide here https://www.goldyarora.com/g-suite-setup/

How to Expand Your Business?

For your Shopify business to succeed online, you need to effectively utilize the many applications on the Google Workspace software.  The main points your business needs to tackle include:

  • Brand Identity:  Your identity has to include a clear voice that is distinguishable from other brands and platforms.
      • Investing your time and money into a quality logo design is essential in growing your business presence online.

      • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms have designer templates you can use as foundation and grow from there.

  • Customer Feedback:  listening to your customers through surveys is key.
      • Use Google Forms to develop questionnaires that ask relevant questions about the quality of your business

  • Employee Resources:  organization is key to successfully expand your business
      • Business calendars allows communication between employees, schedule meetings and complete projects

      • You need to use these resources correctly and consistently to grow your business successfully

Difference Between Google Workspace and Gmail:

The main difference between Google Workspace software and Gmail software is Google Workspace is intended for business functions, where Gmail focuses only on personal use. 

Another difference is Google Workspace is a centrally managed service that is owned by a business, whereas Gmail is owned by a person.

Google Workspace also has professional email addresses, which promote your business brand and image in an expert and skilled manner, unlike a Gmail email address, which does not use a business email.  

Google Workspace is the preferred software you should use for your business because it protects your private data and business content that can only be accessed by approved team members.

The main functions of Google Workspace are to have your business run successfully through its communication tools and wide selection of organizational tools for files.  

Gmail is free software that does not guarantee privacy or security, unlike Google Workspace, which has all of these protective measures already in place. 

Also, the appearance of Google Workspace is more conducive for business purposes because of the different design perspectives and team management software functions that are not available on Gmail software.



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