Add Cloud Identity to your Google Workspace Subscription (why & how)

Hey, fellow Google Admins, this is Goldy again. Welcome to the Google Cloud Identity course.

In this video I will show you how you can set up or add Cloud Identity subscription to your existing Google Workspace account.

You might need Google Cloud Identity in following two cases :
(1) You have some users which might not require Google Workspace licenses, they don't need email, calendar, etc . They only need to log in to some of the applications that your organization offers (e.g 3rd party SaaS or your internal apps) where you are using Google as an identity provider.

(2) Second use case would be that you have some users who would only need access to Google Cloud platform, which uses Google Cloud identity for authentication, so instead of giving them access to Google Workspace licenses (and spending more money), you can simply assign them Cloud Identity license.

To start the addition of Cloud Identity to your existing Google Workspace, you would first login to your Google Workspace admin console ( with your administrator credentials.

1. You can see on my screen i'm in google admin console

Once you are in your admin console, you will need to go to Billing and check your subscriptions and you will find your existing Google subscriptions here.

2. Now you will Find your Google Subscription here

You need to click on "add or upgrade a subscription" link.

3. After that you need to click on add or upgrade Subscription

when you do that, there is a category for cloud identity, click on that.

4. When you do that there is a option for Cloud identity Click on that

It will show you two options, free and premium and depending on your use case, you can take any of these. Cloud identity free does not say trial because it's free. So I'll go ahead and click on get started.

5. Now see there are two options free and premium it is on your use case

It shows me some terms of service, feel free to read it, and once you are done, click on get started button.

6. Click on Get started after this it shows you know some terms read it and Click on Get started

It says Free plan, no payment needed, wonderful, I go ahead and click on checkout.

7. It says free plan no payment required and check that out

I will place the order with $0 or free.

8. I will place the order with zero dollars

Now as I have Cloud Identity, it says review auto licensing assignments.

By default, If you have auto licensing enabled, which essentially means as soon as the user is created, a license will be assigned to that user. So if you have Google Workspace License automation enabled, when you create a user, that user will automatically get the Google Workspace License.

If you do not want that to take place, turn it off so that you can manually decide who will get the Google Workspace license. So I'll go ahead and do that now.

9. Now see i have Cloud identity

So I'll say review the license settings.

10. Go to licensing Click on licensing setting

It says automatic licensing on, I will turn this to off, and save it.

11. It Says automatic license on i will turn this to off and save it

Because I've turned off auto licensing, If I now go and create users, they will get the Cloud Identity Free license instead of Google Workspace License.

let us see an example by creating a test account.

13. It will get Cloud identity free License rather then of google workspace license

So if I create, let's say Test account, click on add new user.

14. if i create this test account and Click on Add new users

Go the test user's profile page.

17. Do a quick refresh and Click on that user

Scroll down a bit, you will see that one license assigned and that is Cloud Identity free, because once you have Cloud Identity in place, every user you create in your Google tenant will automatically get a Cloud Identity Free license (if you have turn off Google Workspace auto license setting).

18. See if i scroll down this page what i find one license assigned here and that is Cloud identity free

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to put that under this video and I'll be happy to collaborate with that.

 Thank you so much.

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