Google Cloud Identity Pricing - how much does Google Cloud Identity actually cost

Hey guys, welcome back to Google Cloud Identity course. In this video, let's talk about a very important question, which is how much Google Cloud Identity will cost  you? 

Google Cloud Identity offers Free and Premium pricing plans, where free plan is capped at 50 users, however customers can purchase as many licenses as required of Google Cloud Premium at a cost of $6 per user per month.Detailed Version :The first option is a Free Plan, which has a cap of up to 50 users.

1. Google cloud identity comes in two ways 1st is free plan

So when you sign up for Google Cloud Identity by default, you can create up to 50 Cloud Identity free users. In case if you need more than 50, then it really depends.

There is a public form that Google published.Here is the form you can fill up providing your justification, and in case of Google approves your request, you should be able to get more users of Cloud Identity free.On the other side, you have Google Cloud Identity Premium, where the public price as per Google's pricing page is $6 per user per month.

2. Second is cloud identity premium where google pricing page is six dollors per user permonth

Of course, as it is a per user per month pricing plan, so it does not come with any kind of user limit.

You can purchase and create as many users as you need.I will make a separate video where I'll go into so much details on what's the difference between the Free plan and Premium plan in terms of security and controls and features, etc.

But if I just need to highlight one major difference, that will be no service level agreement (SLA) with the Free plan, whereas SLA is available with the Premium plan.

Now, honestly, I've been using Google Services and products for almost a decade now.

I personally have not faced any issue, but I understand I have been using them as an individual, but if you're using Google Services for your business, thenI think financially backed up Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be considered as a big difference.

I just wanted to answer this simple question in this video "how much Google Cloud Identity will cost", I hope that was answered, and to wrap it up again, Cloud Identity is either free or $6 per user per month based on your requirements.Now, if you are wondering which plan should you go with, then stay tuned for the next video, where i will compare both plans in great details.

Thank you so much and have an awesome day. Take care.

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