Easily send and receive emails in Google Workspace Groups

Send & Receive Emails From G Suite Groups

  • You can leverage Google Workspace groups to create additional emails without having to purchase an extra license.
  • This includes use-cases where you'd like your team to receive and reply to emails sent to a group email address such as sales@yourdomain.com
  • In this video, I explain how to create Google Workspace groups and how you can send and reply using a group email address.

1. Login to Admin console

  • From Gmail, click on settings icon then click on 'Manage thid domain' to login with your admin username and password.
Go to manage this domain from Gmail

2. Click on "Groups"

  • Having logged into Google Workspace admin console, now click on 'Groups'.
  • If you do not see groups, you need to click on 'More controls' then you'll be able to drag and drop it to the list of Google Workspace services.
go to groups from G suite admin console

3. Click '+' icon to create new Group

  • If you already have groups created, you will see them listed from where you can choose to manage them.
  • However, to create a new group, click on a '+' icon at the right-bottom of the page.
click plus icon to create new group

4. Create new Group

  • To create a new group complete a form as required. In field (1) type new group name followed by a group username in field (2).
  • If you have more than one domains, you can choose which domain you want to associate this group to in field (3).
  • Then choose access level from drop down (4). There're different access levels, you can read a description on each access level to choose one that suites your use case.
  • To be able to receive emails from addresses outside your domain, check option (5). Then click 'Create' button.
Fill in form to create new group

5. Manage users in Group

  • G suite gives you different ways to manage your groups including creating nick names (aliases), managing access levels, etc.
  • For this, you will click on 'Manage users' option to be able to add and manage users in your group.
click manage users in this group

6. Add members to Group

  • Clicking on 'Manage user' from previous step leads you to a form where you can add new members.
  • To add a member, type their email address in field (1). This can as well be an email address outside your domain.
  • Next, select whether a user should be a 'member' or 'owner' from option (2). Then click on 'Add' button to create new user.
add members to your newly created group

Test if users receive email

  • What should now be happening is, whenever an email is sent to the group email address, all members under that group should receive that email.
  • For instance, If I send an email to 'salesdemo@goldyarora.com' , 'ga@goldyarora.com' should receive this email too.
sending test email to group email address

Test results

  • As expected, a member under sales group receives an email sent to the group email.
  • Now what if this user wants to send and reply to emails using group email? Read on to find out how.
email received in members inbox

7. Configure 'Send mail as'

  • To let members send and reply to emails using group email 'Send mail as' feature has to be configured on a member's Gmail account.
  • From a member's email account, click on the settings icon then click on 'Settings' from drop down menu.
go to Gmail settings

7(b). Add another email

  • On the settings page, click 'Accounts and imports' tab.
  • In 'Send mail as' section, click 'Add another email address you own' option.
Gmail accounts and imports tab (1)

7(c). Add group email

  • In the form provide, in field (1) type a name that shows up when you send an email with this address.
  • In field (2) type in the group email address. Uncheck option (3) so this email is not treated as your nickname.
  • Click on 'Next step' button to proceed to following step.
add group email address

8. Verify email ownership

  • Before using this email address to send emails, Google requires that you verify this email ownership.
  • Click on 'Send verification' button to let Google send a verification code to the group email
Send verification to group email

8(b). Copy verification code

  • When Google sends a verification to the group email email, you also receive it in your personal email inbox since you're a member of that group.
  • So, just copy the code and move on to next step.
copy verification code from your email

8(c). Paste code & verify

  • Next, go back to verification page then paste the code you just copied from your inbox.
paste verification code and click verify

8(d). Confirm 'send mail as'

  • If all is set properly, you should now see your group email added in the 'Send mail as' section.
  • If you would like to reply to emails sent to group email address using a group email, leave 'Reply from the same address' option checked.
group email added and can send and reply with it

9. Sending an email using Group email address

  • Now as a member of the group, you don't stop at only receiving emails sent to group email. But also send and reply to emails using group email.
  • During email composition, just click on the dropdown icon to choose a group email address.
choosing group email while composing new email in gmail

That is it!

  • That is all to it. You just learnt how to create new groups, add new members to it, and configure 'Send mail as' to let a member send and respond to emails using group's email address.
  • But if you still face some problems, don't hesitate to leave your questions and comments below so I can help

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