What's covered?

  1. How to use Groups in G Suite (Google Apps) to save on license cost
  2. Use cases and benefits of using Google Groups
  3. How to Send and Receive emails from Google groups
  4. Step by Step video (on left) and text (below) instructions

Google Group
Send Mail As
License ($$) Saved

Benefits of Google Groups

  1. Creating Google Groups is Free and can help you save unless your use case really need a new user license
  2. You can Send and Receive email from these Google Apps Groups such as sales at your domain dot com
  3. Multiple people can send and receive emails via google apps groups, use case can be a support or sales team where multiple team members should receive emails sent to group id, and should be able to able to send from it too

Instructions to send and receive emails from Google Apps Groups

Creating Group in Google Apps

Step 1-: Login to your G Suite Admin console.

Step 2 -: Click on Google Groups

Step 3-: Click on the PLUS icon to create a new Group

Step 4-: Give your Group a name, email id and description

Step 5-: Select the type of group you want to create from the dropbox, if you are not sure, go for Team group, click on “Allow anyone to send messages to this group” checkbox.

Step 6-: Add members in your Group (you can add anyone inside or outside your domain unless you have set permissions only to add internal users), see this Google help article to understand difference between Owner and Member

Now members should get emails sent to your groups email id

Sending from Google Apps Group Email id

Step 1-: Login to your Gmail (assuming your mailbox is a member of the group from which you want to send email)

Step 2-: Go to Gmail Settings

Step 3-: Go to “Accounts and Import” tab

Step 4-: Click on “Add another email address you own” (under send mail as section)

Step 5-: Put your name, group email id from which you want to send, uncheck “Treat as alias” and click on next

Step 6-: Google will now send verification code to the group, which you will get as your are part of that group, copy the code and come back in your gmail send mail as wizard, paste it to confirm your ownership of group id

Step 7: If you have been following till here, now when you click on Compose in Gmail, you’ll find a dropdown in your FROM which should list your primary email id and your google group email id, you can select the one which you want to send from.