Google Workspace Archive User SKU Pricing

In this section, let’s cover cost of Google Workspace Archive License SKU, and how you can save on licensing by choosing the right type of licenses for archiving users.

Google Workspace Archive User License Cost

Google Workspace Archive license comes in two flavors (business and enterprise) which can be assigned respectively to former employees, and I will talk about it in great details in our AU license assignment section.

You should contact your Google sales rep OR Google Workspace reseller to understand the pricing in details.

Which Google Workspace Archive User License should you purchase?

So you might have seen above that archive user license should be respective to the license which you had assigned to your former employee.

For e.g -:  Your former employee had Google Workspace Enterprise license assigned, then you would (ideally) be assigning him Google Workspace Archive – Enterprise).

I mentioned “Ideally” for a reason, though nobody can stop you to assign a lower level archive license but thats not recommended.

So let’s say you had assigned Google Workspace Enterprise license to your user who is now leaving your company, though you can assign him “Google Workspace Archive – Business license” too, but then you will not get enterprise functionality on this user, e.g your DLP policies will not be applied to this archived user.

License Assignment Reference Table

My Former employee / User hadI should assignGoogle Workspace Enterprise LicenseGoogle Workspace Enterprise - Archived UserGoogle Workspace Business LicenseGoogle Workspace Business - Archived User

How do you purchase Google Workspace Archive User Licenses?

I invested some time on Google Workspace pricing page to find an option to purchase archiving licenses online, but it seems Google does not sell them this way.

Google Support documentation however suggests to talk to Google sales team for it, or you should be able to contact your Google Workspace reseller to buy these licenses.

If you are not yet engaged with a Google partner, you may consider exploring Google’s Partner Directory.

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