Fix Google Conflicting account by overriding consumer account

This is Goldy, again, thank you for joining in. welcome to definitive guide to Google Conflicting accounts.

In the last videos, we have discussed what are conflicting accounts, what are the options for us to fix them.

In this video, we will take one of those options and go for conflicting account resolution. So let me share my screen here, and discuss the resolution options.

1. lets understand google resolution option

One option is to send an email transfer request to the user and other was creating a user right away overriding consumer account.

One was, you know, sending an email transfer request to the user and other was creating a user right away.

We understood that when we create a user in Google admin console, the personal account will be renamed but the data will stay there, and work account will be created with clean state.

One quick thing before you take this approach to create users instantly, just remember that there will be no data transfer from consumer account to work account.

So only do that if you are sure that there is no data in those consumer accounts or maybe there is data, but you don't care.

I have seen some customers taking this approach that they do internal survey after finding these conflicting accounts, as we saw in the last video, where they send internal survey to users asking them if they have any corporate data in these consumer accounts.

Then based on their response, they decide whether they should go with this option, which is to create their accounts from clean state or go with another option, which is to send them a data transfer request that I will cover in the next video.

So in this video, I want to go ahead and show you the demo of what exactly happens if we go with this option of creating a user account right away over-riding consumer account.

So I will first login to my Google consumer account which I have created with this email.

3. At first we have to login to our consumer account .

Which is austin at, which is my domain (btw I lived in Austin for a few months, beautiful place).

When I click on Next, it will ask me for a password.

I'm going to put my password here and I am now logged into my Google consumer account that I created with my company's domain.

4. Ater signing in we have logged in our google consumer account .

When I go to Google Drive for example, you will see that I have put some sample documents and images here.

6. We will see that here are some sample documents and images .

Now I will go to my Google workspace admin console and will create this account and I will try to resolve that conflict.

In my Google Workspace admin account here,  I will click on add a new user, and try to create Austin's account with the same email address as he has with consumer account.

So now, as expected, it shows that there is a conflict.

So now, as expected, it shows that there was a conflict.

As we are talking about this second option, I want to show you what happened.

Because I own this domain, Google will give me precedence so I can go ahead and create or claim this email address.

15. Now i will click on continue and it says that the user has been cretaed.

If I go to Austin's account here, I should be able to search for him and I can assign licenses, apply policies etc.

16. Now if i go to austin here i should be able to saerch for him and can assign licence apply policy stream etc

That's done. So now let's log into Austin's consumer account and let's see what we see here.

So I will go to accounts dot google com, put Austin's email address here, and click next and it will ask for password, but before that, it shows me that there are two accounts associated with that email.

One is the Google work account that we just created in our admin console, and another one is a personal account that Austin had before we created a work account.

So first, let's log into the work account and you will see that I'm going to put the password that I put when I was creating that user. So I will go ahead and click next.

18. So first lets login into the work account .

Because this is the first time Austin is logging to his work account. So he will see terms of service. He's going to accept it.

19. After signing in austin will be signing the trems of service

Now this is the account that is admin provided to him, because he can see all these third party apps which are also assigned to him.

now this is the account that is admin provided to him, OK, because he can see all these third party apps which are also assigned to him.

Now, let me logout and log back in but this time with Austin's consumer account.

Google tells me that this email address is no longer available because my organization has reserved this address (because they own this domain).

But my data is safe.

Google also gives you two options, option one is that you create a Gmail account so that he also gets emails so his email address can be whatever at Gmail dot com if that username is available.

Another option is that you can take any other account, for example, in Austin at Yahoo dot com or Austin at example dot com, and he can claim that address.

If you go with this option, you will need to verify that you owns that email and you won't be able to get Gmail, but rest should be available.

28. He can click here and see which services is being used and what kind of account he would like .

Now am in inside my Google consumer account.

31. if we will click on do this later everytime he login he will be presented with that screen that means he cannot now login with which is his work account .

If I go to Google drive, I see all those files here. So his data is retained. Nothing is changed. It's just that his email address that has been changed to

32 . Now you will see this data for example in his drive wewill see all those files here so his data is retained nothing is chganged .

So I hope this was helpful, and in the next video, we will explore another option, which is to send transfer data request to a user who has a consumer account so that this user can convert his consumer account to a work account and also move all the data that he had in consumer account.

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