Migrate Gmail Filters

If you have been using Gmail from sometime, chances are that you have created a few filters to organize your mailbox.

But what if you plan to move to another Gmail or G Suite (formerly Google Apps) account and do not want to start from scratch?

In this video, i will show you how to migrate your Gmail filters from one email account to another in 2 easy steps.

Select Filters
Export / Import
Save lot of time

How does it work?

Gmail allows to export and import your filters, so you would be migrating your filters in just 2 simple steps-:

  1. Go to your old Gmail account and export the required (or all) filters
  2. Go to new Gmail account and import the filters file

Note-: This method will work regardless of you switching from Gmail to Gmail OR Gmail to G Suite (Google Apps), however for other email systems such as Outlook, Yahoo etc, you need to check if they support importing xml filters file

Step by Step Instructions for migrating filters in Gmail

Exporting the filters from old account-:

Step 1-: Login to your old Gmail account and go to Settings

Step 2 -: Go to Filters Tab and select the filters you want to export

Step 3-: Click on export and Gmail will download the file called mailFilters.xml

Importing Filters to new account-:

Step 4-: Login to your new Gmail or G Suite mailbox

Step 5-: Go to Settings

Step 6-: Go to Forwarding tab

Step 7-: Click on Import button and import the file your downloaded in Step 3

Your filters should now be imported, if there are any filters which have dependencies on old account, you will see an error, look at the video above to see how to troubleshoot them.