Personalize Your Access URLS for Google Workspace Services

  • You would not prefer for people to type when accessing emails under Google Workspace services.
  • What if you could personalize such URLs to a professional URL like
  • So in this Google Workspace Setup guide, I will be showing you how to do this for different services such as drive, calendar etc.

1. Login to Google Workspace console

  • First, login to Google Workspace admin console if you have not.
  • To login, click this link or visit and enter your admin username and password.
login to gsuite admin console

2. Login to your domain registrar.

  • Login into your domain registrar. Then access the DNS page.
  • If your domain is on Godaddy, login then go to products page. On products page go to Domains sections then click on "DNS".
log into godaddy and then go to DNS

3. Click on 'Company Profile' in Google Workspace.

  • From Google Workspace admin console, click on 'Company profile' item. Continue to next step.
click on company profile in Google Workspace console

4. Click on 'Custom URLs'

  • On the profile page, scroll down and click on 'Custom URLs'.
click on custom url in Google Workspace admin console

5. Create custom URL

  • Under 'Custom URLs', you can now setup your preferred personalized URLs.
  • Check 'custom' radio button then type your desired subdomain for different Google Workspace services.
  • Once you're done with adding in your personalized subdomains, click 'Save' and then continue.
creating custom urls for g suite services

4. Changing CNAME record

  • So the next exercise is to create new CNAME records for all new subdomains you just created.
  • CNAME destination will point to ''. So copy this to your clipboard and move to next step.
copy points to value to use for CNAME creation

5. Create CNAME record

  • To create a CNAME record, go back to your domain's DNS page and click on "ADD".
  • In field (1) choose CNAME as type of record.
  • Type a subdomain in field (2) such as 'mail' that you created in step 5 as host.
  • Then paste into field (3) the CNAME destination you copied in step 4 above.
  • Click "Save" and repeat these steps for all of subdomains such as drive, calendar, etc.
Create CNAME for all your subdomains

6. Complete CNAME setup

  • Now go back to Google Workspace admin console and click 'I've completed these setups' to let Google know that you're done with adding CNAME.
  • Depending on where you have your DNS, it may take time to reflect but in most cases it's instant.
Complete CNAME setup in Google Workspace admin console

You're all set!

  • Now when you instead of typing for instance, your users can just type in their browsers.
  • If you see an error while adding a custom URL, it's likely that you're entering a duplicate URL or the URL is already in use. Double check and try again.
  • For questions and comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I'll be happy to help.

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