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  • Hello and welcome to our second video of Google Workspace Setup video guide.
  • In our previous video we learnt how we can purchase a domain from Godaddy. In case you missed that part, you can watch it here.
  • So in today's guide I will show you how you register your domain with Google Workspace.

1. Search for Google Workspace

  • So head over to Google or any search engine of your choice and search for "g suite".
  • A number of links show up including ads but click on the first link from the search results.
Google gsuite

2. Click on "Get Started"

  • From the previous step you should land on a page similar to the screenshot provided.
  • Click on "Get Started" button to start on the process of creating your Google Workspace account.
Click on get started

3. 14 day trial from Google

  • Currently, Google is offering a 14 day trial with no payment.
  • So go a head click on "Next" to continue.
14 day free trial period gsuite

4. Add Business information

  • Now Google will ask for your business information such as name and number of employees.
  • So type you business name and choose the number of employees in your business.
  • In my case, because I'm an individual I will just type my name and choose "Just you" under number of employees.
  • Then click on "Next".
about your business gsuite 1

5. Business Location

  • So in this step you'll be required to choose your or your business location.
  • Now this information is important because Google has geographical based pricing. For instance, prices those in India pay may be less compared to what those in United states pay.
  • Changing this information is not as such simple because you'll have contact Google and answer some questions before this is actually changed.
  • So make sure you choose your or your business' country correctly. And then click on "Next".
business location gsuite

6. Add your current email

  • So now you'll be asked to provide your current.
  • This an email where information such as terms and conditions are sent to.
  • So go ahead and type you current email address and click on "Next".
current email address gsuites

7. Choose Google Workspace edition

  • Google will now ask you to choose from the editions they have.
  • Some of the features that distinguish these editions are listed below, so you can scroll down to look at them.
  • In my case, a basic edition is just enough. So, go ahead and click on the edition that works for you or your business.
choose plan gsuite

8. Choose whether you have a domain.

  • In this step, you'll be asked whether or not you already have a domain.
  • Because in our previous guide, we already purchased a domain from Godaddy so I will click on "Yes, I have one I can use" option.
does business have domain

9. Provide business's domain

  • So in this step go ahead and type your domain name.
  • You can also just go copy and paste the domain from Godaddy to avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Then click on "Next" to get to the next step.
add domain you purchased

10. Domain Emails unaffected

  • Google will now give you some assurance that emails sent to this domain will not be affected until you setup email with this account.
  • So click on "Next" to proceed.
emails unaffected gsuite

11. Account Name

  • This account will also be the super administrator which means this account will be able to even delete the account.
  • So provide your name and click on "Next"
create first super admin account gsuite

12. Create Username and Password for your account

  • Now you'll be able to create a username and password for your first Google Workspace account.
  • Type a username and password then click on "Next".
emails unaffected gsuite

13. Complete Captcha

  • Now you'll be asked to complete a captcha challenge to prove that you're not a robot.
  • So click on "I'm not a robot" then you'll be given a challenge to complete.
  • When you pass the challenge, you can then click on "Agree and Create Account".
confirm your not robot gsuite

Google Workspace Account created

  • Now if passed the previous steps, you should now have your Google Workspace account created and ready for setup.
  • In our next guide, we will be setting up the account including verifying domain name.
  • If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and I will be glad to help. Thank you!

Note-: Google also offers 20% discount to new customers, you can learn more about it at Google Workspace Promo Code

domain now registered with godaddy

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