How to add your business logo in Google Workspace

1. Login to Google Workspace console

2. Click on "Company profile"

3. Click on "Personalization"

4. Upload your logo

Now your logo is live!

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about personalizing with your custom Google Workspace logo

Google Workspace Logo Size-:

Google recommends your custom Google Workspace logo should be 320 * 132 pixels.

Though you would be able to upload smaller size too, but it may look blurry when Google tries to stretch it.

so ideally, you should go with recommended 320*132 pixels.

Also, you should ensure that your custom logo size should be under 30 KB.

Google Workspace Logo Size Format-:

When it comes to uploading custom company logo to Google Workspace, Google only supports PNG and GIF files.

Absolutely, in my example video above, I just used my name as logo for quick demonstration, but yes, you should be able to upload your custom Google Workspace company logo till the time you follow Google’s logo size and format requirements.

Changing your Google Workspace logo is pretty easy, you would simply need to follow the same path as you did when uploading your initial logo, example-:

  1. Login to your Google Workspace Admin Console.
  2. Go to Accounts –> Company Profile –> Personalization.

Here, click on “Select file to upload” to upload your new logo.

Finally, save changes.

Note -: Sometimes, it takes sometime for your new logo to appear, check back tomorrow if it doesn’t show up right away.

Usually, uploading your own logo to Google Workspace is pretty straight forward process, and I have had any issues, but just in case if you do not see your logo, please consider following-:

1. Ensure you have followed Google’s recommendation on logo size and format explained above.

2. You should see your logo under “Custom Logo” in Google Workspace admin console, once you upload it, if you don’t see it here after uploading, then there is something wrong, you may try clearing your cache and cookies.

3. If you see your logo under custom logo radio button, but not in the end user applications (e.g Gmail, Google Drive etc), then allow it sometime to reflect.

Google says that it might take up to 4 days for your newly uploaded custom logo to appear in Google Workspace applications.

Also, make sure your logo does not include Google, Gmail or any Google property logo, Illegal or copyrighted images are also prohibited by Google.



No, Google does not offer any Google Workspace logo maker, however you can use any application of your choose.

Some of the well known ones are Photoshop, Canva etc.


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