Google Workspace Frontline - License Assignment in Admin Console

Hey fellow Google Admins, in this video I'll show you how you can assign Google Frontline worker SKU to your users right from the ease of your admin console, and for that, let us first login to Google Workspace admin console.

1. First i will go to my Google Console

Now, I'll go to directory --> Users, and from here, I will select my CI only organizational unit where I have users who are just cloud identity free licenses.

2. Now i will Click on Directory In directory Section Click On Users In the Users will go to CI Only Organization Unit Where i have users

Now, let's click on the user to go to his profile page, and scroll down a bit to see the license section, then you will click on the edit icon and then you will see licenses here. You just need to click on Google Frontline license, click on assignment toggle.

4. When you will on the edit icon you can see the Licenses here and click on Google Workspace Frontline

Click on Save and that is it.

6. Then Click on Save

You have just assigned a frontline worker license to this user.Now let's say this user already had, let's say Enterprise Plus license, and if you need to change it, maybe this user used to be in office and was getting everything from Google Workspace, but now he has moved to a different role and would be on the field, you can change his licenses right from this section.

7. You can Come back here and Change license Assignment to Frontline

You will realize that Google will give you warning if you downgrade user's license (e.g from enterprise plus to frontline) as this user will be losing some fucntionality.

8. Google will Show you Warning that user Loosing some functionalities because you are moving Licenses to Frontline

In the next video I'll show you how you can assign Google Workspace frontline licenses to your users in bulk leveraging Google Apps script.If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to put that under this post and I'll be happy to collaborate.

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