Google Workspace Frontline - License Eligibility

Hey Google Admins, welcome back to Google Workspace Frontline Worker license course.

In the last video, we discussed the overview of the Google Workspace frontline worker license SKU and how it can help you, especially if you have the frontline worker kind of use case.

In this video video, let's talk about the frontline worker SKU eligibility because it will cost you less, of course, but it shouldn't be treated as a way to pay less and should be able to use Google Workspace, Gmail Drive, etc.

So for that, it's better to just go to the source, which is Google's page itself, and look at the eligibility requirements for frontline worker license.

1. Lets have a look to the Eligibility Requirements

The first one it says providing services, support and selling products in direct contact with customers or the general public.

Someone recently came from the utility company to our house with the bill saying he can help us reduce our bill. So that's a good example where this person was actually in direct contact with us providing services. It's a good example of the frontline worker.

The second one is directly involved with the manufacturing, now, these workers may not be working directly in contact with the customer, but they are working in manufacturing plants to produce goods or services not in their office like a knowledge worker.

Also, they should make a majority of your Workspace workforce and rely on speed and collaboration to get job done.

Google has also given some examples of Frontline Workers:
-- Manufacturing / assembly workers
-- Restaurant / Hospitality and Retail workers
-- Construction workers
-- Call center and Transportation workers

Google also clearly stated that "It (Google Frontline Worker license) is exclusively limited to the use cases or the criteria mentioned above. Google may restrict an organization's access to the Frontline Edition if in its reasonable discretion, Google determines that ineligible workers have licenses".

Before we move on and cover the rest of the videos on how to manage Google Workspace Frontline licenses in different scenarios, I just wanted to put light on this.

You, as a Google Workspace admin for your organization must understand this and make sure that you validate the use case before assigning the Google Workspace Frontline license to your user to comply with Google's terms of this license.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to put that below and I'll be happy to collaborate .

Thank you so much.

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