Google Workspace Frontline - Can I consume more than 2GB?

Hey, Workspace Admins, welcome back to Google Workspace frontline worker license course. In this video, let me answer following questionWhat exactly happens in case if you try to upload or create more more than 2GB of content in frontline workers account? As we discussed in the last video, by default your frontline worker SKU or license user will get maximum of 2GB storage, so what exactly happens in case if user tries to consume more than that.For that, let's go to Google Workspace Admin console, and search for a user with frontline license.

2. Now This User Has Frontline Worker License Assigned

Okay, now I will go to this user's mailbox as you see here and it says that I have consumed 609 MB of out of my 2GB.

3. Now i Will go to this User's Mailbox as you see at top of the right corner

so what I did to test it out really quick is I uploaded a video file which is around 600 MB.So I'll try to make a few copies of it to consume all my available storage.

4. I uploaded a Video file If You See here I Think its around 600 Megabites so Lets make a Few Copies of It

I will quickly run an apps script to make a few copies of this video file in my Google Drive.

9. Lets Run This Script it Should ask me for authorization

It should ask me for the authorization as am running it for the first time.

10. Come back here Review the permission

Now as you see below, after running it for 3 few times, it ended up with an error saying "Limit Exceeded : Drive".

12. i think it Wont Run because it wont have access to the Script Lets Run it again Now it Created the Copies off the file

So if I go back to my Google drive now and I do a quick refresh, you will see that I have now two point 2.38 GB consumed and that's why it didn't allow me to make more copies of it.

13. If i go back to Google Drive do quick refresh you will see that i have now 2.38gb Consumed thats why i didn't allow to make more Copies of it

I also see the banner in Google Drive highlighting that my storage is full, You can't upload new files to drive and may not be able to send or receive emails in Gmail.

14. Also Says your Storage is full you can't Upload new Files to Drive or receive emails in gmail

Conclusion : At this point, I have a couple of options here.Option 1 : I can delete some of the stuff and make more storage available.Option 2 : I can either let user purchase more storage (as an individual) or I can attach a Drive storage license tier (e.g 50GB) to this user.So this is what happens in case of your user will need more than 2GB, I personally feel that this user isn't really a frontline worker if needs more than 2GB, consumption of more than 2GB really puts a user more towards the content creation than just consuming, and you should consider assigning this user a regular Google Workspace license.I hope it might have helped a bit, if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask in comments below.

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