Google Workspace Frontline License - An Overview

Hello, This is Goldy again. Welcome to the Google Frontline Worker SKU course. In this first video, let's talk about the overview of the Google's newly launched license type, which is called Frontline Worker License.

1. Frontline License overview

So let's understand why is this addition in the first place?

Google already had Google Workspace Starter, Business and Enterprise licenses, so why frontline worker license now?

So let's talk about it.

Because different workers would of course would have different or specific needs.

Somebody who is sitting in the office creating content and doing knowledge based worker type work would have different needs than somebody who is in the field.

Maybe manufacturing workers in the plant might be more towards consuming that content than creating it.

So all they need to do is collaborate somehow with the staff that is sitting inside office seamlessly.

Now, they would be mobile of course, all the time but that does not mean that they should be compromising on the security just because they're mobile.

So one requirement was that there should be mobility with some security and that's why to address the specific needs of this specific audience, Google launched this Google Workspace Frontline license.

Of course, it's a new Google Workspace license type, which is specially designed for field workers keeping their communication and collaboration needs in mind so that they can access their resources, whether these resources belong to Google, for example, Gmail, Drive or Google Meet, etc.

And maybe some third party resources in case of Google is acting as your identity provider for your users to be able to access third party applications like Salesforce, Asana, etc, and of it is cost efficient too, otherwise it won't make any sense.

You shouldn't be paying as a customer equal amount of money for a use case where your users are primarily consuming content, right?

So that's why Frontline worker is pretty cost efficient for those use case.Google does not publish the public pricing for that but if you check with any of the Google sales reps or may be Google partners, they should be able to tell you the price.

However, rest assured it is cost efficient in comparison to the regular license fee that you might have paid for somebody who's siting in the office and leveraging most out of Google Workspace.One more thing, it is also available in partial licensing mode, which means you can have a subset of licenses.

So you can say I'm an enterprise, I have 1000 employees, and out of those thousand, 100 or 200 are field workers.So you can have 800 or 900 regular Google Workspace licenses, for example, Enterprise Plus. and for your field workers, you can have 100 or 200 frontline worker licenses and let both of them work in perfect harmony within the one admin console.

Now, the last point of course, because you're paying less money, you're making it cost efficient because frontline workers will have only content consumption kind of use cases.

So one side you're paying less to solve your use case.However, on the other side of course you might be missing on a few functionalities which we will talk about in the upcoming videos but there is always an option for you to upgrade.

Think of a use case where let's say you have a front line worker today who is just consuming content, not creating content.

Then his role is changed, may be he got promotion and now he will be an office worker where he will need more out of Google workspace and that might be the right time for you to just go to your admin console, and with a couple of clicks you should be able to upgrade that user to regular Google workspace license types like Google Enterprise Plus or Google Enterprise etc.

I hope this video might have given you a decent idea on Why Google Workspace frontline worker license SKU in the first place.

In the next video I'll talk about the features that you get when you sign up up for Google frontline worker SKU.If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to comment and I'll be happy to collaborate.

Thank you so much.

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