Google Workspace Frontline Pricing - How much does it cost?

Hey Google Admins, welcome back to the Google Frontline Worker SKU training video series. In the last video, we discussed an overview of Google Workspace frontline licenses and the features included in it, In this video, let's talk about the pricing of Google Frontline Worker SKU.How much would it cost you?

1. Let us talk about Frontline Pricing

Now it's a per user per month pricing. Unfortunately, Google does not publish the pricing online for this, so I won't be able to comment on how much would it cost, but rest assured that it's going to save you substantial amount of money.

It will be very cost efficient because you are not using all the premium functionalities that you may in high tier licenses like Google Workspace Enterprise Plus.

Your field workers or frontline workers will be more towards consuming content than creating content so Google will be charging less than what it does for the regular Google Workspace licenses.

To check the pricing, you will need to reach out to either Google sales reps or the Google partners.

Now you can have partial domain licensing too, which means you can have a mix number of licenses like some enterprise plus and some frontline licenses.

Also, there are some add ons which are available on top of Google Workspace Frontline including Google Vault, because by default Google Vault is not included in frontline worker license SKU, so you won't be able to retain data for those users for e- discovery and archiving purposes.

However, If you need that functionality, you should be able to purchase Google Vault as an add on, and then you can assign Vault licenses to these frontline workers right from your admin console.

You can also get Cloud Identity Premium to get functionalities like data loss prevention on frontline workers that will cost you $6 per user per month.

Of course, that's a public price, and then you can also get App Sheet, which is like a low code application builder from Google.

Appsheet has a bunch of different variations so you can check which AppSheet edition you need based on your use, but yes, you can certainly get it as an add on to these frontline workers.

Now let's talk about the purchasing option in case if you're ready to purchase Google Frontline Worker licenses, it's not available online yet, so, you should be able to purchase them either directly reaching out to Google and checking with your Google sales rep, or you can reach out to Google Partners whom you work with and they should be able to help you purchase frontline worker licenses.

I hope that might have been helpful a bit. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to put that in the comments below.

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