Google Workspace Frontline - What does it include?

Hey guys, this is Goldy again. Welcome to the Google Frontline Worker License course.In the last video, we discussed what is Google Workspace frontline worker SKU and how you can leverage it, In this video, let's talk about the features that you get with Google Frontline Worker SKU.

1. Google Frontline Worker SKU

Google Frontline Worker Licensed user will get following services-:


Google Drive (including Google docs, sheets, slides, forms)

Google Calendar (including primary and secondary calendars)

Google Chat (for instant messaging)

Google Meet (for video conferencing)

Google Sites

Google Tasks

Google Contacts (including personal and directory contacts)

Now there are some limitations to it, of course, because you are paying less on the one side, the other side there will be some limitations.

This is not at all a granular list or the complete list, but this might give you some sort of reference to those limitations.

Storage Capacity : With Google frontline license, user will get 2GB of maximum storage in case if you need more storage, you have an option to upgrade that user to other Google Workspace licenses, for example Google Workspace Enterprise or Enterprise Plus, and so on.

Shared Drive View Only : Users with frontline workers can of course create their own content in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. but when it comes to shared drives, users can only view the content, cannot create content in shared drive. That's the limitation for frontline worker SKU.

Google Meet Max 100 Participants : When frontline worker is organizing Google meet meetings, the maximum participants user can invite will be up to 100.

Personally, I think that shouldn't be the use case most of the times though.

Now with that, let me show you the user experience demo of Google frontline worker account. So I have my admin console here where I created this user called FLW, who is a frontline worker, I have assigned Google Frontline Worker license to him.

2. I will go to this user if i scroll see there are three licenses assigned

The primary license assigned to this is Google workspace frontline.

4. Primary License is Google Workspace Frontline

So now I'll go to incognito window and login with to this frontline user account, I see Gmail as usual.

7. Here i log into my gmail and yes my gmail is pretty Similar

I can click on the application launcher and I can see that I have access to Google drive including docs, sheets and slides. I can also access Google calendar, chat, meet forms, current slides, contacts etc.

8. Here i Click on the application launcher and i can access Drive,Docs, calander,Sheets, Slides,Contacts etc

So I will go to Google drive. I won't be able to test Google meet as I don't have 100 participants to invite right now but I can let you see the experience for Google drive. I can of course go and create in a docs sheets, slides etc.

9. Lets Go to my Google Drive and we can Experience

But when I go to share drive you will see when I do the right click the option to create new share drive, it is grayed out so I can't create a file inside shared but of course I can log in or I can just access the shared drive which is being shared with me by somebody else and I can view the content.

10. when we go the the Share Drive Click on the right to create Share drive is grayed so we can't share it but we can easily create File Inside it

So going back to our mind map. This is what happens with Google frontline worker SKU. I hope that might have helped you a bit in understanding which features are accessible to Google frontline workers.

11. Lets go to Mind map to see what happens to Google Frontline Worker SKU

I might create a separate video where I'll show the administration side of it, so as an administrator you can figure out which controls and the security policies you can enforce on the user which has frontline worker license assigned.If you have any questions or comments or feedback do not hesitate to put that below and I'll be happy to collaborate.Thank you so much.

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