Google Workspace Frontline - Assigning license to existing user with over 2 GB data

Hey Google Admins, this is Goldy again and in this video of Google Workspace Frontline Worker license series, let's talk about a scenario where you have a user that has consumed more than 2GB of data, and now because of some reasons this user is moving to a frontline worker role.Now, because of this role change, you want to assign this regular Google Workspace license user (e.g enterprise plus) a frontline worker license which comes with max 2 GB stroage.Let us see how do we really handle the additional storage that this user has already consumed, and to test it out, I ran an apps script to make a few copies of a video file in my Google Drive, and now my Drive has around 29GB consumed, then i went to Google Workspace admin console and updated this user's license from Google Workspace starter to Google Workspace Frontline.

1. Let's Share Screen so to test it out and See Flow chart

Let me show you the result and put some recommendations. So first when I go to my mailbox I see a message that says you're out of storage and very soon you should be unable to send and receive email. Now this is the latest mailbox where I tried this experiment.

2. Si First when i go to my mailbox i see a Message Which says you are Out of Storage

Let me take you to another account where I tried this experiment a month ago, and here it says you can't send or receive emails because you're out of storage. So you have to either purchase or try freeing up some space.

3. Let me take you to another account here it Says You cant send or Receive emails because you are out of Storage

Now when I go to Google Drive for this account I see that I cannot upload any more files.If I try to do a file upload any file now, i'll see an error.

4. Now When i go to Google Drive for this account i see that i can't upload any more File

Now for emails it says you can't send and receive emails. So I tried to send an email to this account, and when i go to Google Workspace admin console and look for email log search, I see that it still says in progress with multiple attempts, I also see the error here "the email account that you tried to reach is over quota".

8. It Still says that the email account that you try to reach is Over Quota

Recommendation:Absolutely, do not try to play around with the system, Google has not documented anywhere what exactly would happen to the data if you just leave it like that (e.g leave more than 2GB in frontline account).I think if the user is consuming more than 2GB then the user is more towards creating content than just consuming the content. This user would fit well with the regular Google workspace license than frontline.If somehow you still think that this user is a frontline user, then consider adding more storage to this user that I'll show you in another video.If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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